This Workforce Management Software Solution is a Game Changer

Workforce management software allows a business to drill down into business performance metrics and discover areas where improvements can be made, such as adjusting the staff needed to manage the busiest part of the day effectively, or accurately determine how long it takes to manufacture a particular product.

How Workforce Management Solutions Help Small Businesses

Boomr provides workforce management software that enables a business to monitor and manage absence and leave, keep an eye on labor activities, collect data, and forecast and schedule labor needs in the future.

Many industries, such as those requiring technicians who need to work in the field, can benefit from a remote workforce management solution, which integrates a scheduling system that facilitates the quick allocation of a suitably skilled technician at a moment’s notice. Other features built into the application, such as a mobile time clock app for accurate employee time tracking, ensure employees are always productive, and that their time is accurately logged.

A mobile workforce can be problematic to manage via traditional management solutions. There are always going to be canceled appointments and unforeseen circumstances to disrupt the workflow.

Further to that, the world is increasingly moving towards a mobile workforce with transient freelance workers who are contracted in the short-term, or permanent employees who can work from home. Technology has made it much easier to adapt to a continually evolving workforce.

Integrating a workforce management solution can mitigate these challenges, with software that allows a supervisor to monitor the locations of the mobile workforce, and adjust their appointments as needed.

An automated workforce can realize extra levels of productivity as text, email notifications, and location-based timesheet reminders take the guesswork out of being in the right place at the right time, and all breaks and clock in clock out times are accurately recorded in a tamper-proof system that prevents time padding.

Which Industries Benefit from Workforce Management Solutions

Workforce management software can be adapted to any industry, from small enterprises to large corporations. As the world’s workforce becomes more mobile and decentralized, the need to manage these workers (which includes freelancers, consultants, and contractors) through workforce management software will grow.

Construction crews can benefit from added GPS tracking to track hours and location. Mobile home health care agencies will always know precisely where their workforce is at any given moment and makes time tracking very easy for management to see.

Accountants, lawyers, freelancers and creative agencies can take advantage of logging billable hours for more accurate costing and billing. Boomr’s workforce management solution also adapts well to non-profit ventures, which typically have a transient workforce working irregular shifts.

With applications working on the iPad and Android devices people already own, employees are connected via an online terminal mode to a central online management dashboard, whether they are working from the office, from home, or they are out in the field.

Personal laptops and PCs can also become a part of the workforce management solution, which helps to lower the costs of integration dramatically.