The importance of recruitment test for IT programmers

The advent of the internet has brought about numerous changes in technical recruitment. The employers are looking for individuals who possess technical skills for the overall development of their firms. Thus, the technical assessments for IT programmers have become more comprehensive than before.

These tests are much more analytical than the traditional handwritten coding examination. The online coding tests have simplified the entire process of assessing the programming skill of the potential candidates before hiring them.

The importance of skill assessment challenges are enumerated below:

Authentic coding environment:

The importance of skill assessment challenges lies in the fact that they provide an authentic programming environment to test the coding abilities of potential employees.

Instant grading:

The skill testing in a real environment ensures the running and debugging of the code which enables instant grading and immediate feedback. Since candidates work hard to pass a test, it encourages them to do well in it if their answer is corrected before moving on to the next question. The skill-testing aids them to judge their understanding throughout the test.

Feedback throughout the test:

Candidates value receiving feedback as they can understand their level of performance and know their grades instantly. Individuals despise the uncertainty that comes with answering a test and not knowing how their performance has been. Therefore, if they get to know their grades before leaving, they shall be confident of being selected or rejected. This is also convenient for the recruiters as they do not have to work hard to assess the test results of the programmers.


Having an online test instead of a handwritten one allows the recruiters to assess how the candidates are performing in each question so that they can immediately spot the suitable applicants. The plotting of the grade trajectory will show the recruiter which candidates are capable enough to be hired.


The skill assessment tests are scalable which implies that they consist of simple questions to the difficult, analytical ones. Thus, the test will not be limited to multiple choice questions, but it will include questions that can be graded manually.

Thus, if you want to recruit the right IT programmers in your company, skill testing in a real environment must be conducted. You can take the help of a reputed firm, like SkillTestNow, to aid you in conducting this test.