Apply These 5 Secret Techniques to Enhance Best Home Security

Cases of burglary, robbery, or theft are on the increase everywhere. We read from various advice sites like home security systems about theft incidences across the world. Burglars often target homes with no security or those that are easy to access. When your property is broken into, you not only lose your possessions, but you will also feel violated and unsafe in your own home.

Most people think that implementing home security measures is a daunting task until thieves strike. Taking precautions to safeguard your home can help to reduce the risk of theft or break-ins. It should be your priority to enhance the security of your property and keep your belongings and family safe.

Here are some of the techniques that can help to enhance the safety of your home:

Reinforce All Entry Points to Your Home

The main entryways to your property and house are the gates, doors, and windows. They are the possible options for burglars when they plan a break-in. These entry points are always vulnerable and require extra security measures.

Use high-grade chain locks and deadbolt locks to reinforce all the exterior entryways to your home. Ensure also, that exterior doors are made of metal or solid wood core to make it harder for thieves to enter. Use sliding doors for garages and other points of entry within the compound. You can also have a security bar for the sliding doors.

Windows are often the second option when burglars can’t get in through the door. They can break into your house even from the highest window on the first floor. To avoid this, put on blinds or curtains on your windows to ensure privacy. Bolster them with locks to prevent burglars from getting inside.

Use Climbing Roses, Hedges, and Thorny Shrubs as Barriers

You may already have a wall or fence around your property to bar thieves from entering. But remember if they are not topped with spikes, barbed wire, glass or any other deterrents, they can still be breached. Burglars use bolt cutters to cut a chain-link fence, and they can easily climb over the wall assisted by their accomplices.

Planting thorny shrubs and climbing roses can prevent thieves from finding their way to your compound. Plants such as hawthorns, hollies, berberis, gorse, and japonica along the fences, walls, and gates can help scare them away. The nasty thorns and the prickly hedge will discourage anyone with plans to steal from you.

Install Security Screens on the Doors and Windows

Having your doors and windows reinforced with security screens can increase your defenses. Use mesh security screens as barriers, and you can open your windows without worrying about safety. Since they are made from aluminum, they will not be easy to break. Double glazed windows can bar thieves from breaking the glass, and reinforcing them with security screens heightens their security even more.

To add to the security screens, you can also install door and window sensors. The sensors will alert you immediately; they sense someone entering your home. They come with a magnet and reed switch which help to make a closed circuit. When the door or window opens two inches apart, it will trigger an alarm which will alert you of any intrusion.

Fool the Burglars

When you are traveling, you can fool the thieves into thinking that you are home. Here are ways you can accomplish this:

You can have a dog at home as a deterrent. Some people use electric stimulators which produce barking sounds whenever an intruder approaches the house.

Pull all the blinds down and draw the curtains, turn on the television and switch on the lights before leaving the house. This will look like you are at home when you are not.

Leave the car in the yard, and intruders will think someone is home.

Set a timer for the lights and TV to turn on at intervals, especially at night. There are also devices in the market that stimulate the light patterns produced by the television when seen through the curtains. These are anti-burglary devices with several high-intensity LEDs in different colors. When the device is switched on and off, it creates a flickering effect of the TV to keep thieves away.

Use Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks can be locked or unlocked remotely through a smartphone application. Some can even be configured to work with other home appliances like thermostats. When you are away, you can set them to lock the doors automatically.


Technology has helped to enhance security for homes. There are many different security systems available in the market. You can use them to hinder burglars from badging into your home. They can also notify you and the authorities in case a breach has been detected.

Find a security system that suits your needs and one that can guard your premises even when you are not at home. Most systems come with enhanced capabilities that allow you to keep tabs on the events at home from wherever you are. The techniques above can also give you peace of mind knowing that your home is secure.