Truest Choices For your Link Building Now

In concrete terms, our advice: Get links from sites with a long history. Do you feel like you’ve understood everything? It’s time to forget everything with Google Pinguin. Well, we hardly exaggerate, but not that much. As you purchase links you can find the best deals now.

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Pinguin is the name of an update of Google’s algorithm, which aims to fight against too systematic SEO approaches. With Pinguin, Google seeks to unmask websites that have implemented too visible SEO strategies. In other words, you must apply all the advice we have given so far, but you must do it in moderation.

The idea is simple

Google seeks to convince webmasters to get their links in the most natural way possible. So let your partners present your site as they please: you will be rewarded.

For example, avoid that all the links pointing to your site have one and the same anchor, even if this keyword seems important for your reference. For example, if you’ve set up a computer repair company, and 90{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} of the links that link to your site miraculously have all the optimal anchor for computer troubleshooting, Google will suspect that not all of these links been acquired in a natural way. You will be penalized.

To avoid this, it is important to diversify the anchors. In particular, you must ensure that a non-negligible part of your links is anchored to the name of your company or the domain name of your site.

You want to improve your backlinks by realizing the link purchase? What does it consist of, how to negotiate, what results to expect or what are the other solutions for obtaining a link? All the offers and advice for your SEO.

What is the purchase of links?

Link buying involves getting inbound links or backlinks by paying website owners, or by going through a net linking agency. In general, we consider getting backlinks as an exchange. The links are then considered as “natural” but obtaining them requires a lot of time. It is nevertheless common to buy links. This can be a temporary solution in the case where a site is not yet well-positioned or if you want to get a link on a highly requested site. Link buying can be a quick fix for a quality backlink.

This practice is however strongly sanctioned by the teams of the Search Quality Team of Google. It is therefore advisable to be very careful and not to resort to it systematically. The purchase of so-called “sponsored” links mainly concerns blogs. For example, cosmetic brands that want to get a backlink on a blog with a strong reputation on the subject can sometimes pay the author to place a link in one of his articles. This type of practice can also be dangerous for the author of the blog that may lose credibility with his readership. Many bloggers refuse this method.