How to Repair iPhone 6 & 6S Cracked Screen

So, when an unimaginable thing happens, your precious iPhone dropped on the ground and its screen gets broken. No need to get panic, just go to apple store and they will fix it for you with perfectionism. You will get your iPhone back with finish looks, of course, this will be a paid cracked iPhone screen repair facility that includes the service charges along with the cost of spares that have been used in.

Or, in such critical situation when the official Apple iPhone screen replacement facility is not available in your area, it is generally can happen in remote areas, then there are also few services out there that will send their technician to your home to do this job. However, your iPhone 6 screen replacement or which the model will be done, but cost you more, sometimes even Marely equal to the iPhone price.

The best option to repair the cracked iPhone screen does it yourself. Yes, right you can do this. Apple has created this masterpiece of engineering very simple and easy to understand.

I’m going to share with you my personal experience as I dropped my iPhone on the ground and then picked it up it blows my mind.

The whole my iPhone screen was shattered. I was familiar with the apple store service but was not available in my area. Second option to call a technician was costly and unaffordable for me. So, I made a little web research and grabbed a few necessary equipment tools such as pendulum screwdriver, pry tool etc. including new iPhone LCD display.

Caution: Just one thing that you need is to take keen observant while handling with the Touch ID.

Repair iPhone at home will void its warranty, well honestly warranty is a big fraud that big companies are doing with people. Here a question arises how the warranty is a fraud? A simple answer is when any cracked or broken things are not under warranty and you have to pay for this then the warranty is only for the software repair? Right?

So, be confident while doing this.

Steps to Open iPhone for Replacement of Parts.

  1. Open quantity 02 pendulum screws near the charging connector.
  2. Keep track of the screws as these are very small in size.
  3. Put a suction cup on your screen, hold the phone metallic case firmly trying to lift up the LCD from the housing.
  4. Once the screen lifts up, unscrew the holding plates on flexi cable, detach the visible flexi cables gently to avoid damage to them.
  5. Detach the Touch ID home button from the cracked iPhone screen gently and save it at a suitable position to avoid damage to it.
  6. Remove the cracked iPhone screen from the housing.

Warning:  A little damage to Touch ID flexi cable or Button will Disable this function so Please remove it carefully and save it.

All screws look similar but you have to take care as right screw at the right place.

When all steps are done, just unwrap the packing of new iPhone LCD. Install the home button at its proper position and re-connect the all flexi cables vise versa.

Press the power on/off button to ensure the clear display, this will be your surety that you have installed everything right. Put the screen back and press it from all side to attach the catches on the housing. Install the two screw near the charging port. Verify the touch ID for proper function. Yeah, you have done with this.

Final verdict: Well this thing is explained in very simple ways, and looks awesome at first glance. If you have any question please there is the comment box below.

Author Bio. Mukesh Pathak is a professional repairer and running an iPhone 6 screen repair service. It is one of his masterpieces contents.