Ongoing Pandemic impact on work from home and its future

Working from the convenience of homes and especially during a crisis is a huge transition. There is a constant distraction and home responsibility that can occur in between and hinder productivity.

Many companies have seen a downfall and a huge drop in productivity since the pandemic hit the entire world economy.

Computer monitoring and many monitoring software are used such as Work Examiner to evaluate the performance of employees that are working from home.

Remote work transition considered easy

Businesses were already making arrangements of working remotely when the news of the pandemic hit.

About 49{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} of companies issue orders for employees to work at the convenience of their homes.

For some companies that weren’t ready the transition did not create any hindrance.

However, adjusting to the current situation is still not easy and plenty of challenges are still ongoing.

Remote work state during the pandemic

Coronavirus has brought work from home as a primary preference. Before the ongoing pandemic, about 51{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} of companies were against work from home.

When the pandemic hit its course 74.5{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} were open to the possibility.

Employees like work from home even during this ongoing catastrophe

Employees are opting for remote or work from home rather than office work because it is comfortable and work can be done safely and flexibly.

Layoffs prevented from remote working

Work from home has its own merits and one of them is the prevention of layoff. Over 66{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} of companies stated that this prevented layoff.

Future of remote work post-pandemic

COVID-19 has hugely hit the economy. Up until now the timeline of this pandemic is unknown and businesses and companies are deciding how to cope with this problem soon.

Some of the things that businesses are planning to do after the pandemic are:

Companies continue offering remote options

Now more and more companies are open to employees working at the preference of their home.

That shift is quite fascinating.

Previously, companies thought that office hours are beneficial and work from home should be removed but now almost 15.5{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} plan to return to office staff, and others prefer work from home.

Employees want to continue working remotely

It’s a real thing that employees like remote work and pressuring their manager to continue work in this fashion.

87{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} of companies have stated that employees are demanding work from home rather than an office workforce.

This increasing interest in work from home is a preference by the employees because there is a constant concern for health in this ongoing pandemic. The employees are at less risk when working from home.