New trends in the advertising industry to follow in 2018

The times are gone where marketing happened with the television slogans and advertisement in the newspapers. With the advancing technology, the trends of marketing or advertising are rising. Now, the advertisement occurs with the co-branding, QR codes, online advertising and content marketing. As the trends of mobiles are increasing, one can easily get to the targeted audience with the above-mentioned trends. One can go to the agencies like Manesta Programmatic Agency for the advertising so as to get the advanced services.


It involves the promotion of the 3 or more brands in accordance with the each other. So with the combination of 3 or 4 products, the promotion of the product can be increased. A lot of well known brands are using this promoting trend to promote their product. Suppose, if the detail shop and the car repair service center works together, so they can increase the business revenue. This step will definitely creates a strong advertisement and promotion in front of the customers.

QR codes

It is one of the major and latest trend which is followed by the small as well as large scale businesses. In QR codes, the QR stands for the quick response, like name like work. It means that one can get the quick response from the other side. The product is entangled with a QR code and the customer can get the details of the product by scanning the code. The QR code scanning starts some steps like making any call to the service provider or message the service provider or opens up a website so as offer the relevant details to the reader.

Online advertising

It is the most important option to attract the customers towards their product. As with the increasing usage of smart phones, the people believe in shopping online rather than going to the shops for buying the product. Even if someone just has to see or get the details of the product, they prefer going to the online website rather than going to the shops and wasting the time. So one can raise the keyword specification and go for search engine optimization in order to get the targeted audience.