What Is the Most Important Part of Your Business Marketing Plan?

SEO or search engine optimization is probably the most important part of any website marketing plan. This is the process that increases the quantity of traffic to your website. SEO increases the prominence of your website or webpage to those possible clients using a search engine looking for websites like yours. SEO is the way to get a better ranking in the results of search engines than your competitors. It is by far better than any other type of marketing.


All major search engines especially Google, Yahoo or Bing is where most people go to search for businesses and where they get their primary search results. Your goal is to be on at least the first page of these searches.

Find an SEO company

You probably know a lot about your business but nothing about SEO – have no fear. There are many companies that offer this service to companies like yours. For example, there is in Dunedin New Zealand SEO Company that does this work for businesses in their area. There is certain to be a company that does SEO no matter what area of New Zealand or the rest of the world that you live in. If you can find a new SEO business startup, you will probably get a great price for their services.

Business marketing plan

There are other items in a marketing plan depending on the budget you have. But remember the most important part is SEO. Other items in a marketing plan can include:

  • Facebook marketing This is buying Facebook “sponsored story” ad and is effective only when lots of people “like” your page;
  • Twitter advertising You can buy a promoted tweet, a promoted account or a promoted trend to target those in your geographical location, interest, or searches for keywords;
  • E-mail marketing This might not be very effective depending on your client demographics. If you decide to do this, you need to buy a list of email addresses and when you send out your email it needs to contain a link that interested clients can use.

Remember all the above costs money and might not get you the return you need to see for your investment. But SEO will be the best investment that you can make.