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Reasons That You Should Have a Domain Name that Shows You as the Owner

Choosing a domain name is somewhat harder than it looks – many individuals, as well as businesses, underestimate how important a domain name is. When you own your domain name as well as making sure an honest company is hosting you, is as important as choosing the domain name itself.

Many places to register

There are many places where you can go to register your domain name for you and have it hosted also. They also offer the entire range of domain names as well as taking pride in being a registrar that is accredited with the ZA Central Registry.

Many aspects

There are also many aspects as domains are important. So, we have some of the best advice for you to make certain your domain is always with you where it always belongs.

Own your own domain name

When you are the owner of your own domain name is extremely vibrant to your business, your online presence, and your brand. When you have your own domain name it continues to grow your brand, but it also makes individuals more likely to stop on your website. An example of this is

Domain registered in your name or business name

When you have a registered domain name for you, you should be certain that your business name or your own name is always listed as the owner. This is vitally important especially should you ever decide to change hosting companies. If your domain is moved to a new host and it lists them as the owner, it often means that you have little or no control over that domain name; should be said new host made the decision to take it down. Trying to get ownership back could be an exercise in wasting money.

Reject transfers

Some web hosting company will discard any allocations to other hosts if the domain name is not in the name of the owner.

Don’t opt for free domain host

While selecting for a free domain host might seem rather tempting, many will advise you that it is far better for an option to pay a small fee per year to have it hosted by a registered and professional company.

These are just several reasons to have a domain name that you own.