Defining in an Uncomplicated Manner

Moona is a method of payment. Every time you use this, to shop at one of the retail partners, you will be unlocking £5 of discounts. This is an automatic savings and there are not any strings attached. It ought to be noted, every transaction is encrypted and secure in every way. The £5 is an instant savings. This payment method has completely reinvented the shopping experience for those who love to do this online. The checkout process, for online shopping, is a vital aspect and can be efficient and convenient for the consumer. Every checkout experience must be a smooth process from start to finish because it has a powerful impact on the shopper.

Benefits: How is Moona Useful?

There is an abundance of valuable benefits, offered with the Moona payment option. This is a very disruptive approach that has transformed the standard checkout style in outstanding ways. Moona is a very useful option for payments. The following are included :

  • Technology that is easy-to-use.
  • Instant discounts (on an unlimited basis) ;
  • One-click buying ;
  • Free returns are coming soon ;
  • Anti-fraud guarantees ;
  • Various payment options (pay later or make installments) ;
  • Checkout benefits (simplicity in shopping) ;
  • Larger carts ;
  • A free payment option for merchants ;
  • Affordable yearly memberships (for shoppers).

Safety and Moona

Fraud protection is vital in this modern day and age. Moona will deliver safety and security to those who choose this trustworthy payment method. Moona uses Stripe technology. It was built for safety within the internet. Stripe is known for being one of the very safest payment methods in the world. Moona has make grand strides to protect your security and privacy. Prevent unauthorized use and protecting your personal information is vital and it is taken very seriously at Moona. When you make a payment, you can trust that it will be safe and secure with Stripe. Stripe comes with certification and stringent guidelines :

  • PCI Service Provider (Level 1) ;
  • Security is of the very highest levels ;
  • HSTS and HTTPS ensure very secure connections are upheld ;
  • communication and data is safe because encryption is included.

A Defined Vision

Moona has very defined values, in place, to ensure your trust. Moona does not become idle, in terms of quality offerings, Generating hyper-growth is ongoing. This is a company that will push limits and step out of comfort zones because magic happens when it is weaved into up-to-date practices. The following components are included in the values of Moona :

  • Simplicity: The goal has been to make certain that online shopping is uncomplicated for all ;
  • Focus: Moving forward and remaining up-to-date is a Moona promise because the consumer deserves excellence in payment methods and secure options;
  • Ambition: Ongoing growth by stepping up the offerings and payment solutions for the online shopper.

Eliminating Personal Information Concerns

When you opt to use Moona for your payment method, you eliminate concerns about your own personal information. Moona will not collect credit card numbers. This is responsible way to complete your online shopping. Accountability is included and personal information is secure. Eliminating concerns and fears is part of this payment option.