Hidden Messages on Warframe – Latest Update

With the recent 14.0 update on the Warframe, players can now look for optional lore Quest, Mirage, which adds to the excitement of the game. After the update, players will need to decipher a series of cryptic poems that have been derived from the ancient Orokin artifact in the game. Once the players are able to complete the hidden messages, they can easily construct the Mirage Warframe. Players can access it after completing the Sedna junction from the Pluto. For the players to start, they need to go to the Quest section on Codex and then select the quest. Then, click on Begin Quest to start deciphering it.

There will be three poems that need to be decode –

  • Olympus, Mars – This is a mobile defense mission that involves infested ship tileset that is infested with enemies at 30 levels. Once the players finish the mission, they will receive the Mirage Neuroptics Blueprint.
  • Calypso, Saturn – This survival mission takes place in an infested ship at different levels from 25-35. Upon completion, players will get the Mirage systems blueprint that will take them to the last leg.
  • Charybdis, Sedna – It is the Hive sabotage mission with levels ranging from 30 to 40. Once the players complete the mission and return to their ship, they will get the Mirage chassis blueprint.

Once the players decode all of the three riddles mentioned above, players will get a blueprint of the Mirage from the market. you can find more information about decoding the messages at Source. But, there is one limitation to this quest. Players will only get one chance to complete the quest. Also, if you happen to sell the Mirage warframe when you finish the quest, it will get difficult for you to reacquire it. You will have to shell out huge money to get it back.