A New Option for Emailing to Add to Your Marketing Plan

Any company that does marketing for sales is usually working with a budget that is small and yet, you still want to retain a reputation as a professional. But too many of your emails that you send out end up in someone’s spam folder – so your email is not even getting read.

Tricky to work

Using email as part of a marketing plan is very tricky to get right. There are plenty of problems such as:

  • Poor email deliverability
  • IP blacklisting
  • Other issues

Think about it this way

But by using an email relay or SMTP relay service, most if not all of these problems can be resolve. But first – let’s go back to the basics about what an SMTP or email relay service is and how it can improve your business.

High volume emailing

In most marketing plans, sending out emails in extremely high volumes is part of this plan especially when trying to advertise any new business. But this creates major problems as mentioned above. Not only these problems but you also can hit your daily limits fast since most email providers usually have caps that are incredibly low. But by having a 3rd party relaying your emails, you get rid of these problems. They can ensure that you have much better email deliverability as well as maintaining your reputation at the same time. The higher your reputation is, the better your deliverability rates will be. And your IP will not be blacklisted.

Relay service

But with an SMTP relay service (referred to as an SMTP provider), the service helps a sender to deliver transactional as well as bulk mail, by routing the email through a trusted 3rd party. This SMTP relay services extend with all of the fundamental technology as well as have the knowledge to help businesses deliver email over SMTP.

How it works

This SMTP relay service is quite simply an SMPT relay that is run “in the cloud” instead of your own data center. This service receives your email from your server, lines it up for delivery to where it is addressed to and then successfully delivers the email or creates a “non-delivery report” or report on bounces. These reports are delivered back to you specifying any reasons for non-delivery. This mail relay service can be owned and managed by your company, an email provider such as Gmail or a company such as MailChannels.

Another way of thinking

It will help if you think of this in terms of regular, physical mail. When you need to send a letter to someone in a different country, you do not use your local mail service but rather you use an international one.

“International” option

Basically, this type of relay service is the “international” option for email. When you want to send an email from your business address to numerous customers or clients with various domain names – Gmail, Yahoo, etc. – SMPT relay service lets you do that.

All issues resolved

If you are looking for an SMTP relay service with a 3rd party provider, this will address all your problems. Additionally, the cap or number of emails your can send is tailored to your needs since the SMTP server has various packages to select from. You will be able to send out any number of emails that your marketing plan calls for and you can do this without breaking your budget.

Problems that are solved

Using an SMTP relay service to send your emails will release you of all the problem of dealing with all those other email delivery issues such as:

  • IP blacklisting
  • Reputation problems
  • Emails ending in the spam or junk folder

This is a great option to add to your marketing plan.