7 Key Benefits of Installing Fiber Optic Technology in the Workplace

How does fiber optic technology enable and improve business? Learn the benefits of using fiber optics at work by reading this guide.

Are you looking to improve your business?

Improving your business is essential if you want to stay competitive against other similar businesses. With millions of businesses competing for attention, you can’t risk easing up your foothold even for a second. They can take over your spot and drown you out with no trouble.

You need to take every advantage to stay relevant. This makes considering fiber optic technology important for your business. With the Internet becoming a bigger part of everyday life, incorporating this gives your business a much-needed edge.

Not sure about the direct and indirect benefits to your brand? Read on to learn more about the different benefits you can reap from a fiber-optic connection.

1. More Reliable Connection to the Internet

The best business benefit you can get from fiber-optic technology is reliability. This is an important aspect of your business because it affects its productivity. Some businesses rely on having a strong and constant connection to the Internet, such as e-commerce websites.

Having a fiber-optic connection increases reliability because it is stronger than copper wires. Manufacturers create traditional internet cables with copper wires as their conductors. This is because the signal travels faster on copper compared to other metals.

The only problem with copper wires is that it is susceptible to damage and interference. Several factors like the weather can influence the signal that travels through copper wires. Electrical interference can also cause you to lose a signal and destroy these wires.

Fiber wires are more resistant to these factors. This makes them better for your brand if your office is in an area susceptible to these conditions. You won’t experience any slow down or downtime with a fiber-optic connection.

2. Faster Download and Upload Speed

Copper wires were the standard for delivering internet signals before. As mentioned above, copper was the only material to hold the signal and send it to other conduits. It was also the only one who could do this at a significant speed.

Fiber-optic cables are the only ones that can top copper wires in both aspects. Signals can travel faster through them and they can carry these signals as copper wires do. This means that your business will have a faster connection to the Internet.

Faster connections will mean less loading time between webpages. This will cause a direct increase in workplace productivity. This is because people will do more than they would on a copper cable connection.

A fiber-optic connection will also ensure that you will have a balanced symmetric speed. This determines the balance between the upload and download speed. Equal symmetric speeds mean that neither speed will affect the other one.

This is important if your business is one that needs many files to download. This means that the people downloading won’t affect the business operations of the other employees. It will ensure smooth business operations in the office.

3. Easier Access to the Cloud

The Cloud is an essential element for certain business models. It’s an online storage space for you to use for business operations or to save your client’s data. This is a great tool if your business collects media from the Internet or customers.

The problem with accessing the cloud with a copper wire connection is the connection’s speed. It often takes a while for users to access it when they’re alone. It will take even longer if more people are using the same connection as them.

This makes it next to impossible to access the cloud if you manage a large business. This won’t become a problem, though, with a fiber-optic connection. It will help you use this essential tool to ensure smooth business operations.

4. Increased Bandwidth Cap

Bandwidth refers to the maximum data transfer rate of a specific network. Hitting the bandwidth cap can slow down your Internet connection if not shut it down. Fiber-optic internet plans will always have a higher bandwidth cap.

This means your business can do more between data resets. It enables your business to conduct more data-demanding tasks. Web-conference calls, high-definition video streams, and file sharing are examples of these tasks.

5. Lower Latency Levels

Latency is the delay that occurs between 2 elements on the Internet. This happens because the network processes the data before you receive it. The longer it takes to process it, the larger the delay will become.

We’ve already established how fast a fiber-optic connection can be. This will mean that you have fewer latency issues compared to a copper connection.

It can bode well for your business if you need a smooth connection. Online tutors and other related businesses can get the most from this.

6. Increased Security for Your Brand

Cable tapping has been a big issue for businesses for the longest time. This is when would-be hackers would tap into the copper wire of your internet connection. They would then use your network to connect to the Internet, too.

This is a way for them to get a free internet connection. What’s worse is that they can access your files from there. They can tap into any device that’s connected to the same IP address.

This can put the data of your business and your clients at risk. This won’t happen with a fiber-optic connection, though. This is because the slightest damage will sever your connection to the Internet.

This means your business won’t have any connection to the Internet for a while. It’s a good trade considering it prevents hackers from stealing any data from you.

7. Easier to Install and Maintain

Going through any big change or renovations can take a business out of commission for a few days. Having a new Internet connection installed is a big renovation. This means that you won’t be able to conduct any business functions while installing a new connection.

What’s great about fiber-optic wires is that they’re easy to install. It would only take a few minutes to hook you up to the main conduit. Laying cable for a large company will only take around 4 hours to complete.

You can even make the process faster by hiring a professional cabling contractor. Connecting to the network will also be fast and easy. This means you can resume business operations sooner.

These cables are also stronger than traditional internet cables. This makes it easier to maintain and longer-lasting.

Know the Benefits of Fiber Optic Technology Today

The Internet is the most important element of any business nowadays. A fiber-optic connection will help your business by providing the best connection available. Know more benefits of fiber optic technology and have it installed as soon as possible.

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