Overview of the Inspection Technologies: Fiberscope and Sewer Camera

There are lots of advanced metrology and imaging systems for industrial and biomedical applications. Fiber-based equipment help to operate in the hostile environment, and restricted spaces. They are used for nondestructive testing metrology that involves high precision surface inspection, surface imaging, cross-section imaging. In this article, we have discussed Fiberscope and Sewer Camera which are amazing and useful inspection instruments.

What is a Fiberscope?

It is a flexible instrument that can be used to inspect the remote areas using a coherent fiber optic image guide. It is very useful due to its property of inspecting the item without destroying it or disassembling even though inserted into it. It usually consists of:

  • Coherent Fiber optic image guide.
  • Objective lens at the one end and relay lens at the other.
  • A light source is used to illuminate the target that is expected to inspect.

It is very thin and has a small diameter around 0.35 to 10 mm which can be used to insert into small cross-sectional areas, and length of the instrument is long (for about 50ft) to insert into deep.

Applications of Fiberscope

Since Fiberscope has flexible property and small cross-section, they are used in non-destructive inspection for industrial systems and bio-medical application.

It is used for internal viewing in following Fields:

  • Surgical and medical components.
  • Turbine Blades.
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Impellers.
  • Welds
  • Cast parts
  • Manufactured parts
  • Gearboxes etc.


What is a Sewer Camera?

The waterproof camera specially designed for visual inspection of sewer lines and other types of pipes. Using sewer camera one can find out the hidden problems out from underground pipes and sewer.

Usually, a sewer camera has two components a probe and the monitor display.  The camera is inserted into the item using the reel and push control. There is monitor connected with the camera that can show you whatever the camera captures inside the pipe or a sewer lines.

Here are some benefits of Sewer Cameras Inspection

1. Locate a leak and water break

The Sewer Camera inspection can help you know the exact location of water leakage of the pipes.  Water leakages can cost you electric bills, cause damage to your house, and also you are wasting a natural resource.  In case you feel any slight changes in the water pressure in your house, you might require to get them checked and to know the exact location using sewer cameras to repair them.

2. Eliminate unnecessary digging

Sewers camera can be inserted without destruction and avoid unnecessary digging. This can save your cost of expensive digging, and also present property becoming messy.

3. Knowing the Condition of pipes

It is very useful for new home buyers they can get inspected all the pipes of the home before moving to the new residence and save future obstacles.

4. Reference Videos

You will have a visual data of your conditions of pipe, which can be used for the number of purposes, example for insurance company claim to prove the evidence of accidents due to sewer lines and underground pipes.