What Is A White Paper And How To Write It?

A white paper is a high authority document drafted by the expert of the subject or a topic. It contains research-based findings of the concept explored deeply by the expert. Any particular idea or concept can be defended using a white paper. The main purpose of writing a white paper is to provide a trustworthy guide to the users when they want to try something novel to them.

How to write a white paper

Writing a white paper is similar to writing a technical document. It does involve in-depth research done using authentic resources. Some of the important steps in writing a white paper are:

a. Research the topic deeply

Get information from all relevant and authentic sources. Chalk down these information pieces at one place and start drafting the document.

b. Drafting the document

A white paper will comprise of all sections common to any other document. Such as

  • Overview of the topic and introduction
  • Purpose of writing the document
  • Methodology involved
  • Findings explained
  • Relevance or usage of the subject
  • Conclusion

c. Proofreading and other verifications

The writer needs to verify all the information put by getting it reviewed from the mentor. The mentor can be the project lead or the idea conceptualizer. The verification can also be done by documenting the resources applied for drafting the white paper.

Take away

Writing a whitepaper holds a lot of relevance especially when a new product is introduced in the market. The whitepaper can be used as a guide for the internal entities of the organization or it can work as reference material for the early birds. Thus, the white paper has to be clear, crisp, comprehensive and above all, authentic. ICO whitepapers are one of the finest examples available for understanding in detail about this document and its usage.