Back to the Future Hoverboard and Other Futuristic Gifts

It’s that time of the year when you start looking at items to give as Christmas gifts and if you have any children who have seen the movie “Back to The Future”, then here are the items that would be perfect.


First is the Xprit Hoverboard complete with Bluetooth speaker and a super cool look.  The reviews say that it only takes about 15 minutes to start riding this hoverboard really well.  There are lights on the wheels that make its design beautiful and kids think it is very cool.  It also lasts for about an hour without recharging it.  It is easy to control the speed which never goes over 6 miles per hour.  The Bluetooth feature can connect quite easily with a cell phone so when it’s time to eat, you can call them.  The surface is a little bit warm after using it for a long time – but that is to be expected with an all-electric hoverboard.

The specific notes on this product include:

  • Max speed: 6mph; last about 45-75 minutes;
  • Battery Charge Time: 2-3 hours until fully charged;
  • Max weight is 165 lbs; minimum weight is 45 lbs;
  • UL 2272 Certified;
  • Quick and easy hoverboard learning!
  • Further information

This XPRIT Hoverboard comes in several different colors and is available on Amazon Prime.  It is advised that you should order early as this is the gift that every kid is going to probably want for a gift.

Three perfect gifts

There are also two other gifts that will be on the market with this hoverboard.  One is the self-balancing scooter and the Hoverboard with scooter.  All three of these will probably be the gift that every kid in your family will want so it is best that you order as quickly as you can.  If you have several kids in your family and they don’t share well, a good suggestion would be to buy one each payday. Or get the grandparents to buy one so Christmas gifts won’t leave a hole in your bank account.