Whether you want to shed a few pounds, tone up your body or boost your energy level, you have likely started hitting the gym and made your fitness routine tougher. Unfortunately, the plethora of fitness advice and information available on the web won’t help you meet your fitness goals and could actually slow down the process. Although the internet has made our lives easier, there exist illogical myths that people are forced to believe in.

Here’s an overview of some of the most enduring fitness and workout myths that stop you from achieving your fitness goals:

Myth #1: Health & fitness apps are just fancy

Although the number of people who benefit from fitness apps is infinite, there exist a group of people who have categorized health and fitness apps as being fancy and useless. This is probably the biggest misconception because fitness apps tend to enhance the fitness regime and help the individual keep a check and balance on his/her progress. Fitness apps enable individual set fitness goals, check performance, learn workouts from tutorials, develop a diet plan, evaluate results, etc.

Myth #2: Working out once or twice is fine to stay healthy

While something is better than nothing, working out only once or twice a day won’t bring in sustained health benefits. Experts claim that exercising at least 3 days per week is recommended for enhanced health outcomes.

Myth #3: Only morning workouts are fruitful

Exercising first thing in the morning will give a positive start to the day and eliminate the chance of forgoing exercise later in the day. But it doesn’t necessarily bring more results than exercising at some other point of the day. The best time to work out is whatever time you can allocate to yourself most consistently and easily. You would want to make exercising a habit and if you feel comfortable going to the gym late at night, stick to your habit.

Myth #4: Fats are converted into muscle with weight-lifting

You can’t turn fats into muscles as they are two different tissues. Weight-lifting actually builds muscle tissue around the fat tissue.

Myth #5: Exercising is the only solution for weight loss

Although exercising plays a crucial role, eating healthy is also important. You cannot eat anything you like, thinking that you will burn it off later. Experts say that slimming down your body starts with changes in your eating habits.

Myth #6: Weight training is for men only

Weight training is an excellent way to tone muscles and has nothing to do with gender. That being said, women produce less testosterone, the hormone for muscle building, making the process of muscle building slightly sluggish for them.

Final thoughts

Exercising is easy, unsolicited and myths on the internet make it difficult. If you are looking to up your fitness game and achieve noticeable results in a short time, avoid all the aforementioned myths and stick to what works for you. As long as you are dedicating some portion of your day to being fit, eating healthy and taking care of your health, you are good to go.