Graphic Design

5 Challenges Graphic Designers Face in Present Times

Graphic designing is a field that consumes talent, passion as well as zeal for learning and staying updated on newer trends. Experience in graphic designing is more about being able to learn and absorb newer trends, unlike other fields where perfection in doing a monotonous job is considered being experienced. Website designing India sector has the highest demand for graphic designers, but what is it that is nagging the people who want to go for permanent positions in the companies, let’s find out.

Too much competition

One of the 5 biggest challenges faced by graphic designers is toughness of competition. There is a plethora of graphic designers and every year the crop is increasing like anything. With so many people specializing in graphic designing every year, there is tough competition for the coveted jobs. Eventually, many of the graphic designers start their own enterprises and find more toughness there in the form of fellow entrepreneurs. Thus, graphic designing is turning to be a low paying job, which is an exact contrast to what people aspire for while joining the course. Though opportunities are many, the oversaturation in this field is deterring the quality of these opportunities.

Presence of low-cost freelancers

Companies have got multiple choices in the form of freelancers from all across the globe through platforms like Freelancer, Elance, etc. The freelancers and beginners here bid for the projects at very low prices, making it difficult for the full-time graphic designers to secure in-house jobs. Freelancers from all parts of the world with enriched portfolio are simply overcrowding the marketplace and offering cost-effective options to companies who want to get graphic designing jobs done at the cost of peanuts.

Need of updating constantly

Graphic designing is one such field seems to be evolving every minute. Introduction of newer tools, more result-oriented techniques, and popularity of newer methods require designers to keep learning and stay updated. Whatever they learn becomes obsolete real fast and makes it difficult for them to keep up with the changing requirements. Thus, learning and updating themselves with more and more knowledge is both time-consuming as well as costly.

Be creative but not at the cost of deadline

A graphic designer, in his own mind, maybe busy carving a masterpiece, but even the work of such amazing quality is supposed to be delivered within the deadline. The graphic designer tends to get engrossed in achieving creativity and may lose the track of time. Thus, one of their biggest challenges is to find a balance between creativity and time-keeping. Whatever is designed, conceived or planned has to be delivered, most importantly, to serve the purpose of business plans formulated by the clients.

Crowdsourcing – no way to beat it!

A full work done by a single designer is anytime costlier than various people completing various parts of it. Outsourcing various parts of a project to designers available at very cheap rates eat away the chance of experts looking for job stability and better price. The designers get an unavoidable threat to job security from volunteer designers available over the internet and open source platforms which work at nil for a very low fee. Can anybody find a way to compete for this level of low cost?

To conclude, the graphic designing world is becoming hard to crack day by day. The graphic designing space is too crowded and abundance of experts in this field is taking away the opportunity as well as fun. A constant need to learn and tough competition from all around make the experts feel lost. The need is to set some regulatory framework so that both the recruiters and designers get into a win-win situation.