Boredom and the Way Out

Boredom can hit us anywhere and at any point of time. No matter what we are doing, boredom is powerful enough to appear in our minds. From our desk job to being alone in home, there are many things that invites boredom. When change is yet to come and you are stuck with the same people and same task, you can get bored easily.

Even favorite platforms sometimes fail to offer something watchable

Sometimes you cannot just find what you want to watch one evening and end up scrolling for hours. You find nothing and goes to sleep with a bitter feeling. The things we are talking about are very normal to many people around the world.

The childhood entertainment to the Rescue

One of the many pastimes to choose from is reading comic books. From physical to virtual copies of these books can takes hours from our leisure time giving us some pure entertainment. We wander in some world of fantasy and almost try to roleplay the good ones in our minds. In fact, many of us stay occupied with thoughts about what will happen next if we happen to leave the book in the middle.

The wondrous combination of modern technology with games and comics

With the rise of NFTs and cryptos, the face of comic books and comic book-based games have changed. Some of the gaming and comic book sites like BattleSpecies have ventured into the world of NFTs and cryptos. Here you can easily mint virtual tokens and some of these game tokens are not to be considered as an investment. These are truly for entertainment purposes. You can mint the coins, take part in the game, and proceed. You can choose to play different games as many of them are available online. As they are really advancing with NFTs and cryptos, these have already become quite popular among people. Major comic houses have already stepped into this world to offer gamers and comic book lovers a taste of the metaverse as they take part in the whole thing.