Few Reasons Why Dot Peen Engraving and Laser Marking Are More Popular

All kinds of industries need an efficient marking system for their products so that they are able to identify them among many other products. People have been using dot-peen engraving machines for many years.

Now with the advancement of technology, laser marking machines are also available which too is catching up with many different industries.

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There are few outstanding features available for dot-peen engraving machines which are as follows:

1. Accuracy and high speed

With the help of these engraving machines, it is possible to generate precise marking accurately and very fast too.

2. Cost-effective

They are not too expensive machines and can meet the budget very easily.

3. Lower use of consumables

You need to use only use a single consumable item like a stylus pin while using this machine and also their consumption is very low.

4. Widest ranges of applications

You can apply to mark by this machine in any kind of metals which can be curved, round, plain or rough surfaces.

5. Higher performance

By using dot peen machines, you can do all your job very accurately, whatever may be the design that you want on the metal object part or any other hard material.

However, if you make comparisons with laser marking machines then you may find the following few drawbacks on laser marking machines.

1. Very little heat will be produced during the marking process with these dot peen machines as compared to the heat produced by the laser marking machine. The heat produced by laser marking can often be unpleasant for the user.

2. As compared to laser marking machines, dot peen marking the type of machines is able to produce deeper marks on metals.

3. While creating any clear indents on any irregular surface, any dot-peen engraving machine can perform much better as compared to laser marking machines.

4. Also, on dirty/wet material surface, laser machine can do marking that yield erratic lines. On the other hand, dot-peen machines can create clear signs irrespective of surface conditions.