How to tell if you’re vulnerable to a data breach

Cybersecurity is an important challenge that every business needs to deal with. And for 2020, organizations need to be more prepared than ever to deal with different threats that may compromise their privacy, data, information, resources, and everything in between.

As more and more of our data are becoming available online, we are getting more exposed to security threats and data breaches. A cyberattack can happen in many forms.

In 2019, some of the biggest cybersecurity threats came in the form of phishing, unauthorized access, cloud vulnerability, credential stuffing, ransomware, and malware, as listed by Cyber Security Hub.

Cyberattacks are no small threat

A cyberattack happens when an unauthorized person or an organization deliberately breach the information system of another individual or organization. Hackers usually carry out cyberattacks to gain some sort of benefit by disrupting the network of the victim.

A cyberattack can cost a fortune to the victim. Many small- and medium-sized businesses do not realize the cost of cyberattacks and may wait until the cyberattack happens before they take any action. Interestingly, small and medium-sized companies are preferred targets to the attackers as these businesses are more vulnerable with weak IT security in place.

A cyberattack can affect a company in three ways:

1. Loss of reputation

2. Customer Loss

3. Operational loss

With the digital landscape changing rapidly, cyberattacks are getting more common than it was a few years ago. In 2019, there were 2.3 billion data breaches as compared to 826 million in 2017.

Tell-tale signs your company is vulnerable

How do you know if your company is susceptible to cyberattacks? Watch out for these signs.

1. Malware and viruses are changing. Hackers love to sit around and figure out a way to infiltrate your system. If you have outdated malware protection, you can be at risk.

2. If you’re expecting a slow internet connection suddenly, you could already be under an attack. Keep an eye and watch out for signs if you’re a victim of DoS or DDoS attack.

3. Do you rely on passwords like “asdf123456” or something similar? Weak passwords can make you vulnerable to security breaches. Ensure you are using a strong password to secure your systems.

What to do if you’re vulnerable?

  • Educate your employees on not opening emails from unknown senders. Most of the mails that you receive could be junk. Such emails contain attachments inside the mail and include a virus that gets released when clicked. Thus, attackers find a home in your system.
  • Compartmentalize your company data. Restrict access to data depending on job role or responsibility in the organization. For example, an intern need not have access to highly confidential data which should have access to only the CEO and other senior executives.
  • Endpoint security software is one of the convenient solutions for your question. This software protects your device from malicious internal and external threats. It works by combining different attack prevention methods along with detection and response technologies that work effectively in preventing your enterprise system. If you really want to protect your company, you should learn more about endpoint security software.

5 Ways to Defend the Security of Your Business Enterprise

Starting a business is always an exciting and important endeavor. This is because it gives you a chance to express yourself and create products that reflect the change you want to see in the world. However, starting up your own company isn’t as easy as just having an idea and going for it. In fact, to have a successful company, you have to take many different precautions. Security is one of these precautions, making it necessary for you to have proper measures in order to keep your company safe.

When deciding on a plan, many people overlook cybersecurity. This is a mistake because it is often the place where your business is left most vulnerable. Though it might not seem like an immediate threat, the consequences of having your company data, bank information, or even identity stolen are all possible outcomes of being hacked.

In order to make sure you are taking adequate measures to protect your company, we’ve created a list of 5 Ways to Defend the Security of Your Business Empire:

1. Have Strong Passwords for Everything

This might seem like a basic thing to put on a list, but it’s actually incredibly important and also frequently overlooked. Many cyber attacks happen because someone doesn’t have a strong enough password, making it easy for criminals to hack into the system. Familiarizing yourself with the parameters that make a good password and not having the same password for multiple applications is the first step to ensure that you have the proper cyber measures upheld.

2. Employ Multi-Step Authentication

When making sure that your passwords are truly safe, it’s important to understand that having one layer of authentication accessible by a password often isn’t enough. This is why it’s best to utilize multi-step authentication processes to make sure that your data is safe behind multiple different layers. Though this may sound like a complicated process, it actually isn’t. There are many different ways to implement multi-step authentication in your workplace!

3. Limit Access to Data

Though you trust your employees, limiting access to sensitive data isn’t necessarily about trust. Having fewer people involved with a specific piece of data means there is less of a potential for somebody to infiltrate the system, making this step a must.

4. Hire a Hacker

It might seem counterproductive to hire a hacker to help your company, but the best way to test your cyber safety is to hire somebody to try and breach it. There are many IT people experienced with the tools that are frequently used to breach cyber-safety measures, making it good to check your system by having somebody attempt to break into it.

5. Use a Software for Endpoint Protection

It’s no secret that technology helps companies grow, but there are some technologies that work better than others. For companies that have many different devices connected to the same network, it’s important to treat each device as a potential threat. This is because—although everybody you work with is trustworthy—all it takes it for a hacker to infiltrate someone’s phone who is accessing your sensitive data. As a result of this, the most important way to protect your company is to use software for endpoint protection. This will allow you to control many different parts of your cyber method so you can make sure it’s incredibly thorough.


How Business IT Support Promotes Seamless Operations

IT and business are inseparable in the tech-savvy world of the present times. Just like you need a department for managing human resources, dedicated staff is required to take care of hardware and software involved in business operations. This is what business IT support does for the present times’ businesses running mainly on technologically advanced solutions.

IT support for data backups

You can make use of IT support to get the daily backups of the business data accumulated over time. This information is necessary and its maintenance is of utmost importance as the user needs knowing from where to pick up and how things were the day or a few days before. Data has to be stored in an encrypted environment in a secured yet easily retrievable manner. Thus, IT support for business does the essentials to keep back-ups in place by providing intelligence as well as infrastructure.

Business over the internet

Connectivity is the buzzword in the modern business ecosystem. A lot ranging from team discussions to vendor management, sales to promotions are happening over the internet. Thus, assigning security certificates, making business happen over the web are some of the requisites IT support helps meeting so that businesses can keep up with the pace of the modern times. Cybersecurity is an important part of the business over the internet service rendered by IT support.

Automated communications systems

IT support staff enables easy communication across various channels comprising the business environments. They are responsible for:

  1. Automated telephone lines and seamless in-premise communications
  2. Flawless video conferences amongst branch offices and between the branch and head office
  3. Easy communication amongst workers stationed across geographical boundaries.

Thus, IT support can rightly be called the lifeline of modern business that aims at delivering the best customer experience while maintaining the low business overheads.


Everything You Need to Know about Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology was not known in the earlier world but nowadays, it is one of the most renowned technologies and this technology has gained a growth in recent years. As the people are not much aware and known about the blockchain technology so the question arises here is what exactly the blockchain technology is.

In simple words, blockchain technology revives the media industry as well as industry related to entertainment. The blockchain is composed of 2 words i.e., block and chain and the full term is a chain of blocks where blocks are made up of cryptogenic hash and data of the transaction. Doing any change in the data of blockchain technology is almost next to impossible and the blockchain technology is completely resistant to the changes. Blockchain technology has affected the media and entertainment industry in several ways but here are 3 main ways by which blockchain technology is disrupting media and entertainment industry.

3 main ways blockchain technology is disrupting media and entertainment industry are as follows –

A need for distribution –

Before upcoming of the blockchain technology, there was need of a distributor for the media and entertainment industry so as to make the distribution possible but the upcoming of blockchain technology completely removed the need of a distributor. For distribution, there is need of a distributing company which charges a huge amount for distribution while in blockchain technology, content can be directed distributed among the customers.

Cybersecurity –

This is one of the important aspects of blockchain technology. Security issues and hacking was one of the major concerns as most of the data was being hacked especially in the Hollywood. This matter can clearly overcome by the upcoming of the blockchain technology. Before the arrival of the blockchain technology, data was penetrable by the hackers easily but blockchain technology is strongly resistant to the hacking.

Monetization –

The payment modes were so complicated before the arrival of the blockchain technology. But the payment modes by the blockchain technology is easy and quick by the incoming of the blockchain technology. The creators can easily get the payment due to blockchain technology.