Get Direct Response and Robust Reporting Features from Orderwave

Technology has been rapidly evolving recently on a global scale. There is a significant advancement in personal computer hardware, and much rapidly so in computer software. Computer programming and IT specialists are coming up with new high tech software for different businesses on daily basis. With this kind of world we have now, it is challenging to business owners when it comes to picking the right company to serve its needs. We knew that the personal computer revolution was changing the business landscape in dramatic directions, and we wanted to guide our customers in both choosing the right technological path, as well as setting up the right software and processes to transform their businesses. Over the years, we’ve transformed our business in many ways to meet the needs of our customers. We’ve established a professional services division that allows our customers to utilize our in-house team of customer relationship professionals to fill-out their offerings.

Direct Response Features

  • Launch a New Campaign:

    Order wave makes it simple to make, track, and actualize campaigns. With it, you can create custom graphics campaign codes to coordinate business rules. Utilize the campaign Coordination Technique to build an HTML-rich presentation page for your Online business website, utilizing the information and guidelines in the Request wave. Configuration pages particularly for offshoots and pulls comprehensive reports.

  • DNIS Management:

    Track the benefit of different without toll numbers and increasing priceless understanding to target markets. Basically enter the Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), the relating media code, the time period, and start accepting requests. Promoting information readily available

  • Affiliate Tracking & Performance:

    Are you thinking of exploring affiliate marketing?, Use Order-wave’s inbuilt solution for affiliate promotion. Track affiliate sales and commissions. Create new affiliates and map codes to an existing affiliate account. Customize commissions and generate excel reports.

  • Free Trials:

    Do you want to entice customers with a free trial offer? Order wave can administer the complexities of delayed payments. Capture the specific amount on the designated day.

  • Streamline the Continuity Process:

    Trigger a customized continuity plan or simple auto-shipment at specified intervals. Advanced tools facilitate the design of the perfect continuity structure.

Robust Reporting Features

A great amount of data can destroy an application. But with the back-end architecture and robust proprietary data storage design professionally accommodates huge amounts of even the finest details. Orderwave does include an integrated reporting infrastructure that allows generation of comprehensive reports. It will have all reports available for on-screen viewing, MS Office (Excel) integration and even retrieval at a later date. You will have the freedom to track all your data, no matter how large or small.

With these features and others like; Subscription & Continuity Management, Inventory & Warehouse Management, Payment Processing as well as Shopping Cart, Shipping Solutions, Partial Order Tracking & Buyer Behavior, E-Commerce Features, Enterprise Features, Customer Service Features and  Order Management Features, with all this features, we are ready to serve you with all diligence in order to take your business in a whole new level.