Numbers are important in the digital sphere

The purpose of an online store or website is to attract visitors who will not only browse what you have to offer but hopefully subscribe and become loyal customers. In this environment, numbers are important as marketers and online advertisers calculate the visitors to your site to the number who paying customers. This calculation is called a conversion rate and owners of websites and online stores can use these numbers to determine where else they can improve and what strategies to employ to get more traffic and increase sales. As these numbers will also help you understand what your visitors are looking for, you can tailor your offers to suit their needs such as having special sales, discounts or free shipping. Many businesses request the assistance of agencies that focus on conversion rate optimization services and have teams of experts capable of leading your website to success. Here are a few conversion tips that expert teams can help your website with.

Nobody likes to browse through a website that is not easy to navigate through, too complex, is slow, the text is cluttered, and nothing is clear. Such a website will lose potential customers long before they move their desired product to the shopping cart and checkout. Not making a sale defeats the purpose of the website so how can you fix it? You can start by revamping your website and making it user-friendly as much as possible. The first would be to place the most searched items where they are easily accessible and not hidden from view. It is also possible to have a detachable menu that can move with the user on whichever page they are on, making it easy for them to always be informed. You can use your analytics program for your website to figure out where visitors frequent and what they are interested in. It will help to know what they want so you can place these categories in easier to find spots on your page as well as may be placing popular links on top of the category list. During special holidays, you know what your visitors will be looking for so moving this category to where it is easier to find will help increase sales. This will give the user confidence that they can find whatever they are looking for on your site and not exit easily, continuing to browse. There are many other programs to use that can give you an idea, in graphics, of how users navigate your website. The objective of your website is to make it easy for visitors to navigate and browse your wares so that it translates to sales.


You might be confused as to why trust is an important aspect of converting a potential sale into a sale. The trust mentioned here is the trust the visitor has that what you are offering is not only genuine, but the information listed about the product on your website is true.  When it comes to trust, it starts from the simplest of points such as having the correct spelling of the product and no misspellings in the product description or anywhere on your website. One reason is that a lot of scam websites are usually rife with spelling errors and people associate a site like this with a person sitting in front of their computer in the darkness of their basement, ripping people off. When dealing with people’s money, credibility is very important for a website. Another aspect you need to focus on when it comes to building trust for people to be able to contact you or your sales team to verify any queries they might have to make your contact details such as phone numbers, email and physical addresses. This will ensure your visitors that they can also visit your offices if there are any issues that can’t be resolved over the phone.

Optimization Services

Update Content

One of the best ways to show that your site is active and professional is to update your content according to a schedule. It does not matter if its publishing tips, how-to articles and other useful information that not only relate to the products that you are offering but also content that will interest your visitors. This will give the perception that you are involved in the website and that for a visitor on your website, they will think there is someone on the other side of the computer who is waiting to serve them. And don’t forget that an active site means that it’s not abandoned and is still active. Content will help you build on the trust between your brand and the user as well and the reliable schedule you stick to will put them at ease.

Make that sale easy

This point ties in with making your website easier to use but we will focus more on making the process of adding to the cart and checkout quick, easy and painless experience for your users. It starts with having an “add to cart” button or links that are clearly visible under all the products and services that are available on your website. If this step is difficult, users won’t even bother browsing further and just exit. Once a user has added an item to their shopping cart, prompt them to either browse further or direct them to their cart where they can check out their items. When it comes to the payment options, there should be a variety of options that does not limit a user on how they pay for what they want.

Getting the right agency to assist you with your website is the most important point. There are plenty to choose from such as Stongye, the agency led by entrepreneur Stone Gye. They will be able to guide you to success as they specialise on conversion rate optimization services.

These helpful tips accompanied by great marketing strategies will see your website increase sales in a matter of weeks.