AWS Certification For Successful Career And Business: A Complete Guideline

In IT sector, certifications are controversial. Some people think that having a certification makes a person more marketable. It has opened many doors obviously for people related to IT field, and it sets one person apart from other candidates. Cloud computing has already moved from a nice-to-have to the essence suitability in the enterprise. It requires the new set of expertise to design, deploy, and handle applications in the cloud.

As the market promoter and most of the mature provider in the cloud computing space, AWS is being considered as the thought pioneer. In this 2018, AWS is leading the public cloud adoption. It is proposing about eight certifications what cover both the specialty, and foundational cloud computing topics.

Why Should You Choose The Right AWS Certification?

Having an AWS certification proves your potentiality, and skills as the validated by the most recognizable entities in the cloud computing sector. Certification clarifies a shared understanding of a platform and an obvious level of cloud experience what can do speed up time for cloud projects.

As the enterprises apply different cloud strategies, this can’t diminish the value of an AWS certification. AWS is still now the service provider for the public cloud assumption. Near about 65{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} of enterprises, and 69{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} of SMBs are continuing the applications.

AWS certifications mainly stand out for their exactness and completeness in assessing a candidate’s efficiency on hands-on experience and the perfect practices. Preparation for getting a certification can strengthen one’s knowledge by demonstrating the key concepts. If you’re a newbie to AWS, this can provide the basic knowledge and skills that are needed for working with AWS services and solutions. For organizations, who are looking for new recruits, AWS certifications can validate a candidate’s potentiality in cloud architecture, security, and management.

AWS Certifications At A Glance

AWS offers 8 certifications. They are- 1. One Basic or Foundational certification, 2. Three associate-level certifications, 3. Two professional level certifications  4. Two specialty certifications.

  • AWS Certified Developer (Associate)
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (Associate)
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer (Professional)
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional)
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.
  • AWS Certified Big Data (Specialty)
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking (Specialty)

The Specialty Of AWS Certified Big Data

The Specialty certification of AWS Certified Big Data is for those people who have an experience of using AWS services for both designing and architecting. This is really designed to validate a candidate’s expertise in extracting AWS services.

It covers –

  • To Design and maintain all the big data
  • Automating data analysis
  • Architecting best practices for implementing core
  • The best practices for big data solution

Specialty Certification Of Advanced Networking

Specialty certification is planned to underpin the candidate’s skill set and the experience in connection with execution the complex networking on AWS. The candidates need to have the background in architecting, and implementing network solutions with AWS.

It covers –

  • Designing, and developing cloud solutions
  • Implementing the core services following to architectural practices
  • Automation for AWS tasks for the networking deployments
  • Troubleshooting, and Network optimization

1. Now the point is, why do you need AWS certifications?

  • It is becoming the highest standard of the cloud

AWS is surely leading the pack in all aspects. Amazon’s cloud is definitely 10 times bigger than its next 14 competitors. This is very disappointing fact for the people at Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

If you are a database admin, web developer, a system admin, a Big Data analyst, and an AI developer right now, your whole life will be much easier if you like to take the advantage of Amazon’s platform. Amazon’s platforms are adding more facilities, and offerings in a way which is leaving the total competition in the dust.

2. AWS Certifications Are Workable

Amazon offers a certification path what doesn’t require very highly specialized training to start. You need not quit a job and pay for an expensive training to get the first AWS certification.

The main thing is, to begin with, the Certified Solutions Architect Associate firstly. It is a very effective and Broadway for getting familiar with AWS ecosystem and core services. You are just required to have an associate certificate before sitting for the professional examinations.

With a little bit of effort, you can be very proficient. Amazon offers a free tier account. So, you can have their services for one year for free totally. The hands-on experience can be very crucial in your learning voyage.

3. Pay Top Money

According to the Forbes, these were top paying certifications for 2016. Now in 2018, it has been increased obviously. Have a look on the chart given below-

Fact of re-certification and staying Up to Date Everytime

The total number of new and innovative AWS features as well as the services are increasing each and every year. AWS has already announced almost 30 new products along with the services at their annual conference those were invent in November, 2017. AWS also added almost 497 new and very demanding features and services for the total of 1,430 which were launched in 2017.

The certification bearers are must required to recertify in every two years in order to demonstrate continued skills, and sound knowledge of effective practices for the most up to date AWS services.

You can be recertified by passing the professional level exam for the same certification. You also can have it by passing recertification exam for the existing certification that you belong already. Keep in your mind that, the recertification exam runs for only 80 minutes and it’s cost is $75 only.

You should also keep in mind that, a certification is sometimes broadly represents your knowledge for a specific point. The original AWS certified expert never wait until their certification becomes expired. Rather than, they make some positive habits to become updated, and are sometimes obsessed with their learning. There are some essential tips to kee your skill set updated.

  • You should study a lot. You can subscribe to AWS’s all release notes and newsletter. You also can read the Cloud Academy’s influential AWS blogs or articles to receive the very latest updates.
  • Just practice more to learn by doing. Always try to get hands-on practice experiment with some new services in Machine Learning by using Cloud Academy hands-on labs for better result.
  • In a certain time, you should examine your skills and tallent. Go to take AWS practice examinations, regardless of whether you are being prepared to sit for the exam or not.
  • You can have suggested training at working session. Remember that, excellence begets excellence only. If you can surround yourself with an individual team that is very well informed and strive for the excellence, you should just move faster together.


Please remember that, getting your AWS solutions architect certification is not automatically mean that, you are able to make the annual salary what is indicated in the table mentioned above. Some other factors and point are present here including all of your experiences, skills, and geographic location you have. The important fact is, proving to existing officials or the employers your competency by using Amazon’s cloud offerings. These offerings will have a big positive influence and impact on your career.