Instagram provides new tools for a better engagement of the audience for its video content

In order to improve the engagement of the video audience, Instagram is offering some new tools that can help the video creators to enhance their views and keep the higher level of engagement from the audience.

Instagram is offering this tool to each and every page of its users residing and using Instagram anywhere in the world. It has announced about the premieres option of its communal viewing in this April. Now in October, it has officially provided the video engagement boosting tools to all the pages of Instagram.

This Premieres option, the new video tool of Instagram can give the video creators and pages an option to share the Instagram videos that are pre-recorded just like the live videos. In live videos, we know that the interaction of the sharing party and the viewers is higher than any other post or video that is being shared offline. The sessions of these live videos are the most interactive option for the party that is sharing a video and its viewers as they can comment and replies to those comments simultaneously during the video is being shared and broadcasted. While the videos that are recorded and shared by the page do not offer the video-sharing party to comment and reply to the comments of the audience while the video is playing. They can only reply to the queries and comments of the audience in the comment box under the shared videos in text form. Now the premieres option can provide the video-sharing party all the features and options of the live videos for the videos that are recorded prior to sharing it.

In this way, the video-sharing party can simultaneously respond to the queries of the view and get more interactive. The increased interaction of the sharing party or the page that shares the video and its audience is a great source to engage the followers with the video content. Followers who can comment and know that they can get the response at the same time make them more engaged with the video and they like to see such kind of videos. As followers are essential for brands, buy real Instagram followers from different sellers in a market.

The only difference to know whether it is the live video or premieres video is the written word premieres rather than the live word at the top left corner of the video screen.

This is the official option for sharing the pre-recorded videos in the live option, while when this option was not provided by Instagram many pages used to share their pre-recorded videos in the live option unofficially. This way the pages were obviously deceiving Instagram. To reduce this cheating of the pages, Instagram decided to provide this option to the pages and help the pages improve their engagement of the videos through this premieres option.

Now, this is not unethical anymore for the pages and they can share the videos just like the live videos without deceiving anyone.