Seven Barriers to Communication

Before we jump into the topic, let us first understand the aspect of communication. It is the process for exchange of ideas, information, opinion, and views on a subject matter between two or more persons through a communication medium or channel. Therefore it is essential to establish proper communication mechanism, where a business organization can install Business Telephone Systems for this purpose.

What prevents us from making effective communication? Well, there can be varied reasons for the same. Let us take a look at some of the communication barriers that can affect a business adversely.

  • Poor Listening Skills:

If the listener is not attentive to what the speaker is trying to express, then the concerned individual would not be able to act accordingly. There’s a famous saying in the corporate world that bosses are to be heard more attentively than your wife. If a subordinate is not attentive to what his superior is instructing, the output produced will not be as per the specifications of the client leading to customer dissatisfaction.

  • Technical Jargon:

The selection of word shall be made considering qualification, interest and understanding level of the listeners. Any uncomplicated, unfamiliar or irrelevant words should be avoided to a great extent. Since it may also generate a sense of disinterest among the audience and may also result in confusion and chaos.

  • The difference in Perception and viewpoint:

There can be a difference in point of views between two people communicating to each other, and if anyone carries the boredom of his or her perspective while listening to the other, then there would be no two-way effective communication amid them since the other person involved will not be able to make an independent decision.

  • Environmental Barriers:

Whenever we speak, it should always be in the context of the surroundings that mantle us. Like if we go to a family gathering, it is not appropriate to communicate in a professional language. And in office, it is equally important to maintain the professional decorum and communicate as well as act accordingly.

  • Emotional Barriers:

Some people are not good at expressing their emotions. This barrier hampers them to recognize, appreciate and acknowledge someone which creates a sense of dissatisfaction among others around them. The sense of gratitude also helps in making a place in somebody’s heart.

  • Physical Barriers:

The gestures, expressions, and posture are equally important parts of communication just as the oral verbal communication. In the physical absence of a person, it is not possible to consider any of them. Nowadays technological advancements have made communication more accessible, but effective communication is still a problem.

  • Cultural Barriers:

Different cultures have different languages, gestures, and rituals leading to a difference in viewpoints of an individual which also act as an ineffective communication between them.

If these barriers are avoided by a business organization with the help of a business telephone system, it would then automatically increase the effectiveness of a communication. It would also help to build understandability, compatibility and team spirit between groups of people and also to improve the productivity of an organization.