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Is Cheap Cloud Hosting Really Worth Using

Even though there is a wide range of cheap shared as well as cloud web hosting providers available but the real question is, are they worth using? Are these services really deliver what they claim or it’s just a marketing trick to capture customers?

And the answer is, all of them are not equal few of them deliver what they claim. All it takes is finding the good one between others, and at the end of the day, you will be able to decide which one worth using. As a webmaster and blogger for the last couple of years, we analyzed more than 30+ hosts and discovered many best hosts, will share later.

How to Figure Out if the Cheap Web Host Worth Your Money?

There are certain factors that you should check and analyze online before picking any hosting service such as uptime, performance, support, and loading time. Uptime and data loading speed are the most crucial factors to keep in mind before choosing. The online audience doesn’t like slow loading websites and apps whereas frequent downtime impacts your search engine ranking as well. So, these two are important alongside others having less importance. As long as your provider capable to deliver at least 99.9{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} uptime accessibility, it’s a green sign to choose them.

On the other hand, customer support does have importance because in case of emergency, what will you do if your host doesn’t respond on time? For instance; security breaches or any technical issue. Luckily, there are few best hosting providers that offer round the clock quick customer support. Some of them do have in-house experts having years of hosting experience (Siteground).

What about the Renewal?

Some clouds companies entice new users to subscribe to their services by offering huge first-time purchase discounts and this practice work like a charm in most of the cases. But, checking the renewal rates is highly important before making any purchase. Usually, they increase renewals by two or three times than the first time cost. If they have a clean and transparent renewal terms then it’s good to go. Otherwise, stay away. If you found renewal rates reasonable rates then it’s also a green sign, no worries if it is expensive than the earlier price.

Few Mentionable Cheap Cloud Companies

Cloud hosting usually costs more than shared web hosting, VPS, and dedicated but thanks to strict market competition, now there are several cheap clouds hosting providers. You can option anywhere between $2.5 to $80 a month by choosing those companies. For your convenience, we have mentioned a few posts below you might like to read. Some firms also serve as a domain registrar like BlueHost and SiteGround.


With 15 server locations in 4 continents, Vultr offers the cheapest cloud instances packed with all the bells and whistles to help the customer deploy their desired server. All of their servers backed by Intel processors, SSDs, Powerful API, and allow full root access. They offer hourly and monthly billing system to help you reduce overall costs. That said, you pay for what you use.


This one is another affordable cloud hosting provider serving for a while to launch Linux based servers. The SSDs powered cloud infrastructure utilizing 40Gbps network connectivity, Longview, NodeBalancers, and 24/7 customer support for quick help. Starting at $5/month, allowing 1GB RAM, 1CPU, 25GB SSD, 1TB bandwidth, and easy scalability.


BlueHost also one of the top cloud hosts to avail cloud-based web hosting for your websites. All of their plans are optimized for enhanced performance and backed by the latest system hardware. At affordable pricing range, you can host your site on a server coming with 100GB SSD storage, 2GB RAM and 2 CPU cores. They also include email storage as well. If you still find them expensive, then don’t hesitate to check following Bluehost hosting alternatives.

AWS Cloud:

No doubt, AWS is a high-end cloud service come with advanced features which require advanced technical skills to manage the cloud instance. It’s only developer friendly in our experience and not recommend for newbies or beginner level bloggers. However, one can also make use of Amazon LightSail Cloud to enjoy the same benefits but with less hassle.

So are some of the cheap cloud providers and their specifications. It is recommended to check each company thoroughly to figure out which one suits your needs.