How to Pay for Hosting Anonymously using Bitcoin Mixer

People perceive this wrong, they think bitcoin to be an anonymous currency where in fact it is not because the transactions on their primary level are recorded in the public records when it is about bitcoin currency and those records are referred as the blockchain. Bitcoin itself isn’t something which makes you an anonymous person while you are dealing with it in form of various transactions while there also might be the chance for you getting traced back especially when you aren’t using a bitcoin mixer. When someone is transacting with the bitcoins, it isn’t completely necessary that the person has to link his wallet linking it to the transaction while there is all your personal information with the wallet.

Using bitcoin mixer

When you really want to spend or send a bitcoin or if simply you want to get yourself involved in such sorts of transactions but the main thing which your ultimate focus is on, is being anonymous, then there must be a cover shield for the tracks for the wallet so that no one could trace you by using your transactions patterns. Well the concept of bitcoin mixer does the same job for you like it breaks your bitcoins and on the other side of someone else’ too and then it mixes those portions of bitcoins which other and this is what makes the transaction anonymous and untraceable.  Well, there are some of the examples for you to have a clear understanding of the phenomenon with a little bit of legality point of view:

Suppose, you are someone to purchase something but the main thing of focus is to remain anonymous for the transaction like you can do that for a subscription of the VPN and in that case you also don’t want that you get identified for the purchase you’ve made or you also don’t want the telecom-based e-commerce companies to use that data in order to provide information to the advertising platforms. You can either use it for the donations when the main idea is to help others by remaining unknown to prevent yourself from free publicity.

How to tumble bitcoin?  can mix the bitcoins for you and the best thing here is that you don’t need to install a special application for this purpose neither you need to use any other tough trick and you can just mix the bitcoin by using this from your browser and by putting some necessary and required information. Well, the procedures at their initial level take time but as soon as you would get used to it, things would be easier for you to handle. First of all, to carry of the process on its way, the thing which would be needed at the initial level is using an email and getting an anonymous wallet ready because whenever you are dealing with the bitcoins, using your real email it could be a bad idea.  When you’ve had done with that, there would be some verification steps for your email as well as for your newly created wallet.

One thing which people get confused about is their real wallet and the intermediary one. Always remember that the wallet which you have made with the fake email id of yours is your intermediary wallet which is needed to be funded in the initial process because that wallet is supposed to be used in the transactions.


Top 5 Stratis blockchain development companies that are noteworthy.

Stratis Blockchain proves to be a boon for the Financial sector and yet there are only a few companies that have realised this and have started developing products on the Stratis blockchain. Since it would be hard to pick the right company based on the experience, we’ve handpicked a few of the best Stratis Blockchain development company when you can hire the whole lot of just a Stratis Blockchain developer based on your Project budget.

Why should Financial corporation shift to a distributed Stratis Blockchain?

Blockchain as a Service is a technology that is catching up with many organizations. A platform like Stratis Blockchain would allow financial corporations to use the distributed ledger technology to build products that would seamlessly integrate with their current technology stack without any issues. Stratis Blockchain has many postulates that can benefit the Fintech industry and few other dependent industries around it.

Below is a list of handpicked Stratis Blockchain development companies that are working path-breaking ideas to power our financial future. The agencies listed below even allow their Stratis Blockchain developers to be hired on a long-term or a short-term contract, depending on the requirement and the agreement.

Level 10 Stratis Blockchain development company (check here)

Level 10 is one of the top Stratis Blockchain development company that ideates develops and delivers innovative customer-centric products that are thoughtful and intuitive to use. They follow a strict ideation to a production process that enables them to rigorously deliver innovative solutions for their customers. Their expertise mainly lies in the Stratis Blockchain development, Hyperledger blockchain, Artificial intelligence among other platforms. Level 10 has also worked on building their own Artificial Intelligence-based Hyperledger platform called Hyperledger Turbo.

They also have dedicated Stratis Blockchain developers who could work on your project at your location.

Prima Felicitas

Prima Felicitas blockchain development agency builds next-generation solutions on Hyperledger, Stratis and Blockchain. Most of the projects they have worked on were earlier on taxi rental & management software, and eCommerce platform. Their team of 40+ developers have experience with working on Hyperledger based projects can extend to Stratis Blockchain as well.

On graph

On graph is an end to end Blockchain development agency that deals with everything blockchain and also the marketing for them. They offer a multitude of solutions to their customers. Artificial Intelligence (AI ), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain have been at the core of what they do. This modern development company has a team of experts in each of the service they offer. Some of their projects are focused in the Food and Beverages sector, Digital payments etc. Their approach towards handling a project right from the wireframing stage to the delivery is prompt and transparent. On graph is headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Aequalis Technologies

Founded in Chennai, India. Aequalis has developed several innovative products built on the Blockchain and Hyperledger technology. Aequalis has built a hyper ledger based real estate solution that can efficiently solve various property / real estate related issues when deployed in the government, it would maintain a permanent record of all the properties in the country, because of its tamper-proof nature. This Stratis blockchain development company efficiently handles the project right from concept to the delivery of the solution. Aequalis’ has also built smart contracts, financial applications on Blockchain, blockchain based Dapps, on Hyperledger distributed ledger technology.

Appiqo Stratis Blockchain Development Company

Appiqo is a modern technology company, that works on cutting-edge technologies to deliver effective solutions to their customers. They have worked on relatively few blockchain projects, and their foray as a Stratis Blockchain development company opens up the avenue for cheaper Stratis Blockchain development. Appiqo does provide Stratis blockchain developers on a contract basis for your project. Appiqo is headquartered in Chandigarh, India

BONUS: Bacancy Technologies

With a presence in more than 3+ countries, Bacancy technologies have been in the business for a while. Their Stratis blockchain team has worked on other blockchain solutions such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. They have their own in-house products that provide solutions for DevOps, fintech businesses that require Wallet as a service developed on the Blockchain. Bacancy’s Stratis blockchain developers have experience working with the distributed ledger technology to deploy a secured Identity management and financial credit check framework.

These are some of the top Stratis Blockchain Development companies that are available for taking up interesting projects. We’ve curated some of them, but if you feel you’d need to include some phenomenal agency or a Stratis blockchain Developer that (who) is doing an incredible job, do let us know in the comments.