Best TV Shows You Should Binge Watch

You are free over the weekend and have plans of doing a road trip. You know you wouldn’t have access to the internet on the way, and should probably have something to do in the way. Keeping this scenario in mind, you would want to have a couple of TV shows with you, which you can binge watch along the way and make good use of the time that you have during the travel.

We know you would want to know of possible TV shows to binge watch currently, which is why we have made a list of possible options that you can watch during your journey. Start downloading any one of these shows below by knowing how to burn DVD video free.

The shows we suggest include:

Game of Thrones

An adaptation of the bestselling book by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones is a classic that will mesmerize you and keep you on the edge of your seats during your journey. Game of Thrones is fast-paced and will keep you hooked throughout. The series boasts of a wonderful amalgam of royal intrigue, apocalyptic fantasy, and political machinations. Chances are that by the time you reach your destination, you would already be in the mystical world of dragons, royal feuds, and blood-filled wars.

Breaking Bad

There are not many series that can emulate the greatness achieved by Breaking Bad. The series makes viewers go through an emotional marathon of sorts, by the end of which you’d be tilted in favor of the long-format storytelling that the masterpiece follows.

Breaking Bad shows all facets of despicable and irritable human behavior, powered and led by the cranky Bryan Cranston himself. Playing the lead role of Walter White in the series, Bryan does an amazing job as a chemistry teacher who later turned into a formidable drug kingpin. Breaking Bad is one of those shows that can put a pit inside your stomach and unravel your nerves. Give this series a look if you want to ride a rollercoaster of breathless crime and punishment.

Rick and Morty

Binge watching TV series doesn’t always have to be about endless battles between royals from a different universe or an unnerving tale of crime. If you’re not one for fast-paced shows and happening storylines, you can opt for bingeing Rick and Morty.

Binge watching Rick and Morty has its own pros and cons. The pros include the absolutely hilarious liners in the show that make you laugh like crazy. The cons include the limitless scientific references which can often be hard to keep up with.

Once you get accustomed to the propulsive nature of the series, it is hard to refrain or even think of stopping yourself from clicking play on the next episode. And, with the insane learning on the offer, Rick and Morty make you go through all imaginable human emotions while showing the rather wacky side of science.