3 Practical Techniques to help you Ensure Database Security

As the world moves towards digitalization, many businesses get connected with the internet to manage and record everything effectively. Many entrepreneurs and business owners started running their online businesses to grow the audience and generate leads more efficiently. However, one of the primary concerns of the 21st century’s business owner becomes database security & privacy. The internet and digital technology indeed make the world easy to live, but on the other side, it also makes it convenient for the third-party to access and leak data.

This is where many security features like SSL certificates, blockchain technology comes into action. From small to big enterprises started adopting security plugins, cloud networks, and best VPS hosting in Pakistan, UAE, and worldwide to ensure database security. However, many still lack in protecting the data due to a lack of practical techniques.

But in 2020, this article brings the most effective techniques that will help you to ensure database security effectively. So let’s explore to know further.

Top threats to Your Database Security

In this modern world, almost all organizations are using a database in one way or another. From collecting & tracking customers, financial, transaction records, and human resource records, much of the database’s information is sensitive. The data can be sold against the cash, which becomes the real threat to your database security. This is the reason hackers, and even some employees, can ruin your whole reputation by selling data.

Therefore, you need to be aware of your database security threats to cope with the issues more effectively. The top risks for database security are

  • Unencrypted Data
  • Default or Weak Passwords
  • SQL Injections
  • Broken Configuration Management
  • Denial of Service
  • Insecure hosting package

Apart from these threats, there are many more threats that can only be eliminated through practical techniques. Let’s follow the top methods to eliminate the risk of a data breach and enhance database security.

1. Choose The Reliable Hosting

The first step to ensure database security is to choose the reliable hosting that connects you with additional security features. The virtual private servers are currently the best option to get rid of any data breach. Therefore, before connecting with a hosting provider, ensure that it provides complete database security, apart from bandwidth and uptime guarantee.

2. Use Web Applications & Firewall

The traffic that accesses your data can sometimes become a real threat to your data security. Therefore, by using web applications and database firewalls, you can only allow traffic through the specific application or web server. The firewall enables you to protect the database from initiating the outbound connection unless there is any specific reason.

Therefore, you need to deploy web application firewalls to prevent SQL injection attacks that direct web applications to delete data present in the database. This is one of the best techniques to ensure database security.

3. Encrypt Data

Encrypting data is one of the standard practices in significant organizations to secure databases. However, many lack encrypting backup data that becomes the reason for a data breach. Therefore, you need to ensure that your backup data is encrypted and stored separately from the decryption key.  Also, to ensure database security, you need to encrypt confidential data and also ensure it is encrypted while in motion too.

Web Hosting

MilesWeb: Best Web Hosting Provider for Large Businesses

What strikes your mind when you search for the term “web hosting for large businesses” Well, the answer is tricky because it depends upon the requirement of the individual.  Due to growing competition,  it has become tthe ough to select the web host for your website. As per my observation, big business owners are facing many challenges such as large database storage, securing server from cyber threats, low speed of the website and more. Therefore, it is necessary for them to get the provider that will offer a solution resolving  all these mentioned issues at an affordable price. There are multiple parameters that need to be considered while choosing a web hosting provider for large business.  In the same way, to help you out with the solution, I am going to highlight the review of one of the providers that offers the best web hosting for large businesses.


You must be thinking is it possible to get fast, reliable and affordable hosting? The answer is yes, because there are few providers that actually work with an aim customer satisfaction. MilesWeb is one of them that actually works on such parameters to offer quality service to the users. They are Indian web hosting company located in Nashik, Maharashtra and their servers are located in the UK, USA, Romania and India hence, while signing up their services you can select the server location as per your requirement. They provide all types of hosting solutions at cheap price.

Their team consists of experienced Linux and Windows system administrators that provide excellent service to the user. In addition, their tech experts commit to work on complex issues associated with the server for e.g., minimizing the server time and enhancing the performance.

Let’s take a look on services and pricing offered by MilesWeb Hosting:-

1) Web hosting plan – starts at Rs. 99/mo

2) Cloud VPS (Linux) hosting – starts at Rs. 667.50/mo. Looking for Best VPS Hosting? Check MilesWeb Cloud VPS!

3) Unlimited Reseller hosting – starts at Rs. 560/mo along with Free WHMCS Software and more.

4) Dedicated server hosting – starts at Rs. 3500/mo

5) Shared hosting – starts at Rs. 499.50/mo

6) Cloud hosting – starts at 667.50/mo

MilesWeb offers the best features in cloud hosting such as pay per usage model, docker containers support, user friendly UI, superior marketplace with 1 click deployment of famous apps, add-ons. However, they offer four plans in cloud hosting starting from MW1 and followed by MW4. They have launched a new type of hosting solution, known as Business hosting in cloud starting from Rs.1500/mo. This plan is useful for those who are looking to start a new eCommerce website or want to enhance the performance of the website.

Let’s take a look at other features offered by MilesWeb:-

1) Competitive price:- MilesWeb offers best price to its customers so that they can easily purchase hosting as per their requirement. They offer local payment options along with credit, debit, net banking, NEFT, cheque and cash deposit.  In short, you get local as well as international payment options.

2) Support in local language:- Being an Indian web hosting company, they offer support in local languages like English, Hindi or Marathi. Their ultimate aim is to solve the issues and provide better service. In addition, they are reachable via chat, email and phone for 24*7 hours to resolve your queries.

3) Years of experience:- Even though the company has been incorporated in 2012 but the team behind this holds decade of experience in hosting industry. However, you can say that you are in the right hands and safe too.

4) Security:- Security is the most important thing as the cyber threats are increasing continually, therefore, it is crucial to protect your website. MilesWeb takes care of your website by providing different features to protect your website, such as CodeGuard, Spam Experts, Web Application Firewall, Acronis Cloud Backup and SSL certificate. Even though your website is hosted with another provider, you can get this service from MilesWeb at affordable cost.

5) Money back guarantee:- As I said before, you are in the right hands as MilesWeb is the most trusted company. You don’t need to worry about getting refund as they commit 100{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} money back guarantee.

6) SSD disk space:- Most of their plans consist of a feature called “SSD Disk Space” and this is an important factor that needs to be considered while signing up. They offer unlimited SSD space that will help you to store the data in an easy manner.

7) Unlimited bandwidth:- Yet another interesting feature that will help large business to consume more bandwidth. This is more helpful, if you are running an eCommerce or any other type of website which consumes more bandwidth.

8) Backup service:- Being an owner of a large business, it is more important to take backup of data and store in safe place. Because you never know what will happen as hackers are finding a chance to spoil your business reputation. Therefore, MilesWeb provides the backup feature at Rs.99/mo and all your files, folders, databases and email backups are maintained in the cloud.

9) LiteSpeed web server:- It helps to handle multiple connections with minimum memory consumption and CPU usage. With the LiteSpeed, server works faster and gets scaled quickly as compared to the Apache web server.

10) Anti Spam Email hosting:- With this feature, you can protect spam emails by blocking them easily before they reach your inbox. However, it saves your time by handling incoming spam emails.


Choosing a web hosting provider requires a lot of knowledge and with the list mentioned in this article everything gets clear. So, looking at the above features it is ensured that MilesWeb is one of the best web hosting providers in India. Remember nothing better can be found without taking risks.