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Why Dedicated Server Rental is Your Business’s Best Bet

Stepping into the vast digital arena, businesses are often confronted with a pivotal decision: the choice of server infrastructure. While many options abound, the case for dedicated server rental becomes increasingly clear when diving deep into the needs and expectations of modern enterprises. Let’s explore why a dedicated server is the silver bullet solution your business might be seeking.

To begin, one needs to clear up the fog around dedicated servers. Think of a dedicated server as a powerhouse – a solitary titan working exclusively for your business. Unlike its counterpart, shared hosting, where resources are dispersed among numerous users, a dedicated server works tirelessly, channeling all its might into serving one business. It’s the equivalent of having a personal chef instead of waiting in line at a communal buffet.

But why exactly should a business opt for dedicated server rental? The prime advantage lies in the unparalleled customization. Just as a tailor crafts a suit to fit every unique contour of the body, a dedicated server can be molded to fit the intricate demands of any business. Whether it’s a specific hardware requirement or a software tweak, the server bends to your will.

Security in the digital domain is non-negotiable. Picture shared hosting as a large mansion with multiple rooms. If an intruder gains access to one room, the entire mansion is at risk. A dedicated server, on the other hand, is a fortress with walls fortified to your specifications. Only you hold the keys, significantly minimizing the chances of cyber threats.

Then, there’s the matter of performance. All the resources – be it CPU power, RAM, or bandwidth – are devoted to your operations. No more waiting in line; the digital expressway is yours, ensuring top-notch user experiences and swift application responses.

But what about the future? The beauty of dedicated server rental lies in its adaptability. As your business scales, your digital partner scales with you. Upgrade, modify, or expand – the server is poised to evolve alongside your business needs.

And, let’s not overlook the champions behind the scenes. Most dedicated server providers understand the critical role servers play and, as a result, offer unwavering support. Day or night, rain or shine, a dedicated support team stands by, ensuring your operations never miss a beat.

To wrap it up, venturing into the digital frontier requires a reliable partner. Dedicated server rental emerges as that reliable ally, promising customization, unparalleled security, robust performance, and future-proof scalability. It’s not just about keeping pace in the digital race; it’s about leading the charge. And with a dedicated server, leadership is just a rental away.

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How Web Hosting Services Are Becoming The Need Of The Hour

Nowadays, we generally live in this modern web age. You can also discover yourself in this specific situation where you will consider making yourself an online presence. That’s while you will also require considering this unique web hosting service. 

You can also get some specific companies here constantly trying to attract you by making promise features such as unlimited resources whole day technical support. But afar all these technical things, there still is the known decision you are also required to create.

Here we will give some tips that you should consider before considering a particular service. It is imperative to look for the right WordPress Web Hosting Ireland experts for quality services.

Details About The Cost

You can find various service providers who deliver the same services for multiple costs.

You can notice multiple factors deciding these particular variances in these specific services, and you have to look into the number of multiple selections before selecting the one.

If you are willing to make a simple web hosting page and do not expect colossal traffic, always this is the website to fit with the affordable available services. If you are searching for a complicated website, consider another feature.

Technical Support 

Another essential feature you require to be searching for the excellent technical support a provider delivers. It is the actual biggie for a maximum person. Of course, a person could indicate all the manuals for technical support, but nothing experiences as assuring as having the proper human being you should discuss and ask to help. So, you require to ensure not being deceiving out of this. Complete services guarantee it.  

There are various factors which you require to check into. WordPress Web Hosting Ireland can provide you with great support.


For us, this particular part cannot make a lot of variations, and we are also searching for hosting the tiny webpages with little traffic and the desired bandwidth. But, as this complexity of the web project enhances, you will need to perform a huge than the simple display on the page. You will also need to begin considering the actual hardware.

The RAMs, CPUs, GPUs & the actual type of storage are just a few considerations, and these all are the particular things that you will require to consider.

Features Of The Email

This is the other feature you will require to think about. What features does this provide a guarantee? Regardless of actually what you actually can have read or heard about, social media has erased the actual purpose of the web email; believe me, this email is now going to a large part of the web presence of your own.


If you’re hosting a simple webpage and don’t expect a lot of concurrent traffic or bandwidth, it is always wisest to go with the cheapest available services. When you rely on WordPress Web Hosting Ireland, it will surely benefit you heaps and bounds.

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Start Your Web Hosting Business with MilesWeb’s Reseller Hosting

Are you planning on starting a business of yours online and are not sure how to? If yes, then this article is for you.

What is better than having a business with no 9 to 5 work or deadlines or huge investments? Sounds pretty unrealistic? Well, it isn’t.

Reseller web hosting makes you your boss while giving you all the business benefits. Wonder how?

Reseller hosting is when you buy hosting plans in bulk from a web hosting provider at discounted prices and then sell them under your brand name, with your web hosting plans and prices. You can add your profits and then sell them to your clients.

Reseller hosting is one of the top ways to earn money online.

Before choosing the best host for your site, these are some of the features you should look for-

  • 24/7 expert helpline
  • Website migration service
  • White label hosting
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Choice of server locations
  • Website backup service
  • Reliability
  • Uptime

With so many options available in the market, it might get tedious to find one reliable yet affordable option.

MilesWeb gives you all these features and more with their reseller hosting plans. It is a web hosting company that provides you with all these features at an affordable rate.

Let us know more about MilesWeb

MilesWeb is an Indian web hosting company, started in 2012. They offer many web hosting services like:

  • Shared Hosting (Windows and Linux)
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Best Reseller Hosting (Windows and Linux)
  • Managed VPS Hosting (Windows and Linux)
  • Self-Managed VPS Hosting (Windows and Linux)
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

It also provides domain registration and domain transfer.

With data centers around the world, you get a high-speed website. The data centers are available in Canada, India, UK, the USA, Australia, and Singapore.

With more than 30,000 happy customers, MilesWeb is one of the highest-rated web hosting companies.

Reseller Hosting Plans Provided by MilesWeb

At MilesWeb, you get to choose between Linux and Windows reseller hosting.

Linux Reseller Web Hosting Plans

The Linux reseller web hosting plan consists of four plans- Micro, Startup, Grow and Expand.

Resources in each plan –


  • 5 cPanel Accounts
  • 10GB SSD Disk Space
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • cPanel + WHM
  • Softaculous
  • Unlimited MySQL DB’s
  • Unlimited Email Accounts


  • 10 cPanel Accounts
  • 20GB SSD Disk Space
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • cPanel + WHM
  • Softaculous
  • Unlimited MySQL DB’s
  • Unlimited Email Accounts


  • 20 cPanel Accounts
  • 50GB SSD Disk Space
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • cPanel + WHM
  • Softaculous
  • Unlimited MySQL DB’s
  • Unlimited Email Accounts


  • 30 cPanel Accounts
  • 100GB SSD Disk Space
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • cPanel + WHM
  • Softaculous
  • Unlimited MySQL DB’s
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

Windows Reseller Web Hosting Plans

The best Windows reseller hosting plan consists of four plans- Neo, Entry, Smart, and Plus.

Resources in each plan are –


  • 10 Plesk Accounts
  • 20GB SSD Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Plesk Onyx 17.x
  • 1-Click App Installer
  • Unlimited SQL DB’s
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Windows Server 2019


  • 20 Plesk Accounts
  • 50GB SSD Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Plesk Onyx 17.x
  • 1-Click App Installer
  • Unlimited SQL DB’s
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Windows Server 2019


  • 40 Plesk Accounts
  • 100GB SSD Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Plesk Onyx 17.x
  • 1-Click App Installer
  • Unlimited SQL DB’s
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Windows Server 2019


  • 60 Plesk Accounts
  • 200GB SSD Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Plesk Onyx 17.x
  • 1-Click App Installer
  • Unlimited SQL DB’s
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Windows Server 2019

Features Explained

24/7 expert helpline –

MilesWeb provides 24/7/365 technical help for their customers. Their technical team works 24/7 to fix your technical issues.

Website migration service –

If you are not happy with your current web host and decide to shift to MilesWeb, their team helps you migrate from your current server to their server. This service is provided to you for free. You do not have to go through the files and upload them yourself or pay any extra fees for migration.

White label hosting –

You get a 100{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} white label system with all their reseller hosting plans. It means your client will not come to know about MilesWeb, i.e., your merchant company. They will only be able to see your brand name.

Money-Back Guarantee –

If you are not satisfied with their service, you can ask for a refund if you unsubscribe from their services under 30 days of subscription. They give you a 30-day money-back policy.

Choice of server locations –

With servers around the globe, you get to choose your server location depending on the location of your target audience. You can choose from India, Singapore, the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Free SSL Certificate –

An SSL certificate gives authenticity to your website. It allows the safe transmission of encrypted data between your client and your server.

Reliability –

MilesWeb has over 30,000 happy customers, and over 3000 customers have rated them excellent on Trustpilot. They are one of the top-rated companies for web hosting and have won many awards for the same.

Uptime –

With a high uptime of 99.95{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1}, MilesWeb makes sure that your website is always available for your customers.

Malware Scan and Removal –

With an auto-scan every day, it is made sure that your site is malware-free. If any threat is detected, it is fixed for you immediately.


With reseller hosting, you do not need any infrastructure or high startup costs. With less investment, you can make any profits you want.

Reseller hosting is a great and easy way to start your hosting business. At MilesWeb, you get the best deals at the most affordable rates.

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5 Tips to Finding the Best Web Hosting for Your Company In New Zealand

We know all about what does and doesn’t work for finding a web hosting New Zealand, as a digital agency that has had to use multiple providers. The better the quality of the hosting company you choose, the likelier website’s overall success with visitors.

One of the things that many website owners don’t realize is how much of an impact seemingly small things have on the success of a site. When you know what matters the most in choosing a web host, you’re on your way to better outcomes for your website.

We’ve summarized what you most need to look for when looking for a web host. These points are all of vital importance, and we have summarized why they matter.

What to Look for in a New Zealand Web Host

1. Look for Flexibility in Plans

Different web hosting plans abound today, and one thing that we’ve found is consistent is that a competent provider needs to be flexible. Inflexibility will cost your site in more ways than one, so this is something you must avoid.

Most sites will grow over time, even if that growth is modest. How big do you reasonably expect your business to become? Since your site could grow beyond expectations, thinking big is always a good way to go about things.

Think about how easy it will be to get additional bandwidth or storage space as your business grows. Will it be easy or complicated to upgrade? After all, one viral video or social media post could double your traffic virtually overnight.

If you offer products and services sold online, think about what your host provides for SEO services and SSL certificates required for better security. Adding these services might need an upgrade to a more expensive plan, so be prepared.

You’ll also need to think about whether the systems that you use comply with regulations about data privacy. Using non-compliant systems reduces the risk of customers doing business with you, as well as opens the door to legal issues.

Think about how easy these changes are to make and whether the web host can complete them for you. After you’ve found out about how possible these changes are, think about whether the price is still within the range you want to pay for your services.

2. Check Out the Technical Specifications

Technical specs matter, especially if you intend to use loads of videos, a blog-based site, or an online store. Video and media-rich sites take up a lot of space and bandwidth, and optimization for mobile users also matters in these circumstances.

The amount of space that you get with your plan, as well as the network speed, will make a significant difference in the overall performance. You don’t want visitors frustrated with how long it takes to access anything and possibly going elsewhere.

Your site should have ample support for multiple platforms that manage different types of content. For example, blogging platforms like WordPress can help provide a user-friendly foundation for a full website with a lot of in-demand features.

Website owners who sell products online will also need to consider what a web host has to offer. You need a site that is user-friendly but also provides the necessary security for customer transactions. You want your customers to trust you.

The amount of bandwidth available is essential, as this impacts how easily customers access your website. How many processors a server has and the amount of RAM will also have a significant impact on performance. Storage space is also of substantial importance.

We recommend inquiring about all of these specifications beforehand to avoid any problems. It’s always better to be able to correct a problem before your site’s ready to launch, and you lack the amount of space that’s necessary.

3. Consider What Type of Support is Available

Support is of vital importance during the selection process, but somehow people often overlook how crucial it is anyway. One of the things that we’ve found from experience is that you can never be too careful when it comes to researching support quality.

You need to have confidence in your host’s ability to handle concerns. After all, the time to find out how well the support functions shouldn’t be during the midst of a crisis. Satisfactory answers to questions can help you judge their abilities.

Think about what could happen if your website is down for any amount of time. If you’re like most business owners, you probably can’t afford a prolonged outage. Where operating multiple backup sites isn’t practical, good support matters.

When you have an urgent need, it’s crucial to be able to speak with a real web hosting New Zealand technician. We know from experience how frustrating it can be to be unable to get the help you need. That’s why support is so vital for your site.

4. Check Out the Pricing

The price of your web hosting is essential, but in many cases, it is far from the most critical factor. In fact, we’ve seen people make very bad decisions based only upon the price of their preferred web hosting provider.

If your site is intended to earn an income, such as an e-commerce or affiliate link site, other factors might have to very well come ahead of the price. For example, you might need to think about features like SSL certificates or e-commerce integration.

There is usually a little bit of extra work required for providers who offer e-commerce features, which somewhat justifies the higher costs. Understanding how the providers explain these additional costs will help you understand their importance.

Better quality could come with a price, but it should be a price that you’ll decide is worth it. After all, the costs of a site that doesn’t meet your needs can be high. A site ill-suited to your needs could require more technical work at a high cost.

5. Find Out Where the Data Centres Are

The location of data centres makes a substantial difference in how easily customers access your website. Even if you use a New Zealand web hosting company, your site likely has visitors from every corner of the world.

Having site visitors from all over the world makes the location of your data centres all the more critical.

Customers in the Australasia region will have different traffic needs than those living in Western countries. For example, Singapore is an excellent location for one of the data centres if you have a New Zealand or Australia customer base for the most part. Having the traffic flow directed to a data centre closer to visitor locations reduces load times.

Sites that attract visitors that include many Western nations would do well to have a web host that uses the United States or UK-based data centre. Consider where most of your visitors are when deciding where your host should have data centres.

It’s easy to think of data centre locations as being somewhat like airport locations. When traveling to certain areas, flights to some airports provide more direct routes than others. Internet traffic operates in much the same way.

To Wrap Everything Up

Knowing the best tips for finding a New Zealand web host will help ensure a better experience overall. Understanding how flexible everything needs to be, as well as the technical specifications available, will make a difference.

Technical support, pricing, and data centre locations all play a crucial role as well. The more you’re aware of these factors, the better a decision that you can make.

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5 Things to consider before selecting a dedicated server

Following 5 things to assist people to come to a decision on the correct hosting provider and hardware pattern of an offshore dedicated server:

1. A business crash of downtime

What is the business crash of possible collapse of your hosting setting? One of the initial effects to think about when choosing an offshore dedicated server is how to contract with possible downtime. In a cloud setting, the set-up of the cloud defends you against hardware failure. With an offshore dedicated server, you recognize that you are not sharing resources with anyone else. But as there is all the time an only point of a crash in one server, you want to choose whether you are capable to recognize possible downtime – if you do not have the alternative to a range to multiple affordable dedicated servers India.

2. Load balancing across multiple dedicated servers

If your request can range across multiple affordable dedicated servers in India, an appearance of load balancing -where last part users are divide across all accessible servers- is needed. If you are operating a website and traffic is increasing, at some position you will require to employ multiple web servers that serve a huge number of users for the same website. With a load balancing solution, every inward demand will be heading for to a diverse server. Before doing this, the load balancer verifies whether a server is up and doing. If it is down, it sends traffic to another server.

3. A certainty of bandwidth usage

The supplies in bandwidth obviously transmit to the certainty of data traffic. If you are going to use a lot of bandwidth but certainty is low, you would prefer a package with your dedicated server that has a set of data traffic incorporated, or even unmetered invoice. This is an effortless method of knowing accurately how much you will be costs on the hosting of your dedicated server.

4. Network quality of dedicated server

As a client, you can decide where an affordable dedicated servers India is located actually. It is significant to think the position of your last part user. For example, if your clients are in the different area, hosting in Europe might not be a reasonable option since data delivery will be time-consuming. Data delivery also depends on the superiority of the set of connections of the hosting provider. To find out more about a set of connections superiority, verify a provider’s NOC (Network Operation Center) pages and check the set of connections. Most hosting providers will permit you to do this.

5. Skilled partner

Make sure your hosting provider engrosses his engineers and specialists when demanding to find a solution modified to your requirements. A correct skilled partner gives an opinion on most excellent practices and special solutions. This may involve joining diverse products into a hybrid solution.

The above will perhaps give you a first-class idea of what to think before charging an offshore dedicated server