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What Is A Server, And What Are The Common Types Of Servers?

The server is the most common word that is used in today’s world. Most of all, there are many different types of technologies solely based on server installation. A server tends to come up with many kinds of services. These can facilitate various uses as well.

Also, a server is a device that has a specific set of programs. These are also known as protocols that provide different types of services. Together an excellent and robust client-server network can provide routing systems and provide access to information like resources, stored data, and other types of information.

In other words, we can also consider that a server is a source or service providing technology. This server serves the users with server files, data, printer, fax, resources, etc. Also, when we talk about how you can install servers (ติดตั้ง server, which is the term in Thai). First, we need to have brief knowledge about what are the different types of servers.

Various Types Of Servers And Their Uses

· Server Platform

This is the most fundamental unit of the server. The server platforms serve as the engines that drive the various types of sources. These are always used in the combination of the operating system.

· Application Server

These types of servers are also known as middleware servers. These occupy a substantial amount of the source files entirely. The application servers mainly deal with database servers and end-users. As a result, they connect these two types efficiently.

· Chat Servers

These types of servers tend to exchange the data in an environment similar to that of the internet newsgroup. Many different types of chat platforms use chat servers for the efficient working of their database.

· FTP Server

FTP servers are one of the oldest types of servers. They are commonly used for file transfer protocol services. The main task of the FTP servers is to ensure secure file transfer on various servers. These keep entirely the database of the files completely safe.

· List Servers

These are the types of servers that are used for managing the mailing lists. With the help of these, you can surely manage all your servers efficiently. These servers are majorly used in marketing services where the lists of the mailings clients and users are super high.

· Image Servers

If you are working on a platform where you usually need to share a large number of images at once then image servers are surely the best option for you to go for.

Apart from these, many other types of servers like proxy servers, image servers, video servers, and web servers. Web server is the most common type of server used on the internet. The web server provides static content and as well as the dynamic for the file exchanging process. One of the best parts of using these servers is that you can increase your work speed up to a considerable level and get the best results for your business or any job you do.