Review of Aiseesoft Data Recovery – A good tool for data recovery

In this review, we introduce a data recovery software that helps you recover your deleted or lost data on PC, Mac or external hard drive quickly and safely.

Nowadays, many choose to store their important information on a PC, hard drive or memory card. Despite the convenience, there is a problem – data loss that always drives people crazy. To retrieve the data, you need a handy software, and Aiseesoft Data Recovery will solve this problem. It will be installed in the full version (1.1.10) on the Windows 8.1 operating system in this review for a test.

You will first see a clear interface after installation. At the top, it informs you about the file types that you can restore. In this review, photos are used as an example, yet other types of files including audio, video, e-mail, document, etc. can also be recovered.

As shown at the interface, it is possible to restore deleted data from not only local hard drives, but also other removable media such as USB stick, external hard drive, memory card, camera, etc. After successful connection, your external device will be displayed under the appropriate category. Here we take local disk (D:) as an example.

After clicking on “Next”, the destination folder will be automatically scanned. A quick scan will be performed. After the quick scan, most files will be displayed at the interface. The type of the object file will be shown in the left column. Tick the box in front of the files to select the ones you wish to restore. If you have not found your object file, you can run a deep scan in the software. A deep scan takes a longer time, which is around a few minutes, and it requires you to directly enter the data name or path in the search bar. You can also search for the target data according to data type, size, modification date, etc. using the filter.

After selection, you can restore the photos immediately. You will be asked about the place that you want to save the retrieved data. When everything is confirmed, you can restore the data partially or completely as you wish in just a few clicks. The process will take a few minutes, depending on the file size and quantity.

Of course, this software also allows you to restore the deleted data from the emptied Trash Bin. When files in the trash are deleted, they will not become completely untraceable. Instead, they remain in the local hard drive, making it possible to use this software to recover the data even when the Trash Bin has been emptied.

In this test, Aiseesoft Data Recovery works well as described above. This software makes it easy and safe to recover all or parts of deleted data from PC or external devices. Additionally, the manufacturer – Aiseesoft Studio offers the software in German, English, French, and Japanese, and you can change the language settings in the software according to your need and preference. Further information can be found on the homepage and inside the setup package.


An Easy and Effective Way to Recover Deleted Data on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Have you ever faced the situation that you had made some notes on iPhone during classes, but couldn’t find them? Mistakenly delete some interesting videos due to bad operation. Or unsaved photos on iCloud are inadvertently deleted. Do you know how to recover deleted data on iOS device?

To find lost data back, Aiseesoft FoneLab Récupération de données iOS is a good choice.

FoneLab Récupération de données iOS is an application that specially designed to recover lost iOS data on iPhone/iPad/iPod.

It is able to retrieve messages, photos, videos, contacts, call logs, notes, WhatsApp data or other deleted iPhone files. It can be a useful assistant when you mistakenly delete important data, forget iPhone password, or lose important data after resetting iPhone. In addition, it also enables you to recover deleted data from iCloud and iTunes. This data recovery increases the possibility of recovering iOS data.

Now you can take the following guide to recover your lost iOS data:

Step 1. Connect iPhone to the computer via USB cable. After iOS device is detected, click Start Scan to scan various data.

Step 2. After scanning, all iPhone data will be shown in the interface. You can see many frequently-used data types are listed on the left control. Click a specific category on the left and you can view details on the right part of the interface. You are allowed to clearly preview the data we want to recover.

Step 3. Check the data you want to recover and select the Recover button. You will quickly recover these deleted data to your computer.

If you want to recover deleted data from the iTunes backup, just click “Recover from iTunes Backup File” when you first enter the main interface.

With regard to recovery from iCloud backup, you need the first log into your Apple account. Then you can use a similar solution to make the lost data recovery.

Under these conditions, Aiseesoft FoneLab Data Recovery iOS can always be a great option to perform the recovery of deleted iOS data.