Style without Actually Cutting or Coloring Your Hair

A lot of us usually stick to a single hairstyle throughout our lives because it is easy to stay trapped into the monotonous routine – We feel it more familiar and convenient. But, do you ever get an urge to give you hair a little change, but don’t want to do anything that can result in a drastic look? Ever happened that you see into the mirror after coming back from your hair stylist and feel less satisfied with your new look? We know thy feeling!

Sometimes it is a great conjecture to give our look a chance and try something new and trendy. What if there was a way that you could test your expected style before going for the look in real.

Well, All Hails to Hair Salon App, things are going towards ease with digital upheaval. These type of apps are one of the easiest ways to give your hair some different look without cutting or coloring them. No matter you want temporary faux-bob, short locks, alluring long hair or an exciting pastel hair dye transformation, barber appointment app comes up with multitude ways you can reinvent your personality without harming your look.

There are some pro tips from the hairdressers’ experts working with Hair Salon App to get an ultimate new hair look without even cutting or coloring them, which include:

Ombre without Hair Color

Want to color your hair but afraid of the change it will bring to your look?

Ombre extensions are a fun way to experience perfect new look without using colors on your hair. You can flaunt your new look without causing any damage to your hair.

Try a Retro Bob

As they say – Retro never goes out of style. Barber Booking App highly encourages to opt an elegant look with perfectly styled retro hair, as they are timeless. To attain a more classic feel in the retro style, try a low bun with a stagy side part. This will help you gauge the look without even damaging your hair.

Pull your Hair into a Faux Bob

Cutting away all your hair into short locks is definitely a risk you can’t take. Don’t take the chance until you are 100{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} sure that you will brandish the look. Barber Appointment App throws an ultimate tip to check out the Faux Bob so that you can pursue it for your big occasions. Wrap an elastic quarter way up from the locks of your hair. Twist that hair beneath and pin them and get a bunch of OMG remarks by your new Faux look.

If you want more ideas like that for your hair to get a new look without any damage, we have got you covered. Check our Salon Appointment App right away for more details.