Our important tips for choosing the best Android smartphone

With a large number of models, it is harder for the consumer to choose a good Android smartphone. Follow our tips and get the best. With the sheer number of models and brands, it is harder for the consumer to choose a good smartphone. But, taking into consideration some fundamental items, you will certainly opt for an Android.

Why an Android phone? Reasons are not lacking. The most convincing is that the operating system is easy to manipulate and customize. In addition, there are more free applications and games on the market. Another factor is the price: more in mind, without losing quality, of course!

We have put together some useful tips for you to choose, with more security, your new Android smartphone. Stay tuned for tips to make a good purchase to get the most out of your Android. For getting more info you may need to click

What to know when choosing your Android phone?

Tip 1: Watch for the device screen

The screen of your new device should not be less than 3 inches. There are models with 6 inches, but the most indicated is 4 inches, as it balances space and resolution.

Tip 2: Processor

The processor will be a determining factor in the choice of appliance. Those with more cores offer higher response speeds and, undoubtedly, they are a great differential at the time of purchase.

Tip 3: RAM Memory

The RAM capacity of the device should always be greater than 1GB. Thus, the operating system can run more easily, avoiding possible problems of slowness. Another important point is that newer versions of Android require more RAM.

Tip 4: More modern versions

Today, Android mobiles are present in 80{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} of the handsets sold in the world. Even with more modern versions of the operating system, there are still models that offer the old ones. Choose the current version, which will certainly provide better use of the functions of the device.

Tip 5: Low-resolution camera

There are still 2MP and 3MP cell phones available on the market. But the most suitable sensors for Android smartphones are 8MP. If we take into account the maxim that megapixel is not synonymous with image quality, we will be frustrated when comparing the pictures taken from a 3MP camera and a 5MP camera.