One of the Best Wireless Headphone Buds on the Market

Some of the best wireless headphones are considered by many to be the Bluephonic True Wireless earbuds. These are in-ear headphones having 3D stereo sound, 18 total hours of continuing playing time, noise canceling sports earphones headset, with a built-in mic as well as dual speakers for phone calls. Little pricey for earphones at almost $300.00.


If you love full, round, motivating treble with a deep bass beat you can feel, then you will love your new Bluephonic Libre wireless headphones. These have 3D speakers with speakers offering surround sound, waterproof, sweat proof, and noise cancellation technology.

Hours listening time – automatic on/off charging

  • Charge Portable Power case using an included micro USB cable
  • Remove Power case from Plug
  • Put Earbuds into Power case.

It starts charging automatically after you close the lid, and will stop when fully charged, providing 5 total charges, each generating 3.5 to 4 hours of listening time.

Ultra-stable & connected – 40 feet range

Walk, dance, clean and move about the room with these long-range Bluetooth headphones. You will get crystal clear call quality and crisp, strong beats, up to 40 feet from the Bluetooth device.

Superior comfort

Earbuds snugly tuck and or comfortably into your ear, while ear hook caps make sure they stay in place, without chaffing, sliding or slipping around.

When you order today you’re getting:

  • LIBRE wireless headphones with microphone
  • Charging power case
  • 3 ear caps
  • Micro USB Cable

Also new

Another new on market wireless buds by They come in a small capsule, 2 tiny true wireless stereo headphones. They offer Hi-Fi sound, have an embedded microphone and fit perfect. They have up to 12 hours of total playback time. Currently, they have a great price of $99 with shipping that is free.