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Mind-blowing skateboard graphic designs to try

One of the best ways to have a fun filled time and at the same time reduce some extra calories of the body is through  skating. Being a cardio –muscular exercise, skating is an all the year round activity which can be played by people of all age group and is very healthy and beneficial in nature. In winter,  ice skating is a pleasurable experience and during summer many places has,  indoor ice skating rinks for skaters, so that one can skate all  through the year. Few of the advantages of skating as follows :

  • It increases better balancing of the body
  • As leg movement is involved, skating improves flexibility of joints
  • Built and tones up leg muscle
  • Skating is a very good stress reliever
  • Also increases mental fitness
  • Burns up extra calories
  • Develops agility, concentration, endurance, and coordination

Skating requires a number of equipments  first and foremost among them is an actual skateboard.  To start skating it is very important to have a proper and a goodquality skateboard. Along with that one also need to have the right shoes for it. Followed by that are the safety equipments which are an absolute necessity to get protection during the skating exercise. Active Ride Shop is a one stop destination for every skater. One can find each and every item that is needed and are essential  for a skater. Located in California, Active Ride Shop has both retail stores all over California, along with that they have also started online stores. Not only skating equipments, they also sell clothing lines that are suitable for skating like t- shirts, jeans, sweaters, pull overs and so on.

Now let’s focus on the main element of skating: skateboards. A skateboard has a number of individual equipments, first of them is the skateboard decks.  A deck can be available in different sizes ranging  from mini to large. For the beginners a skateboard of  32 inches and having  kick tails  is highly recommended for learning the  intricacies of the game. On the deck there is a sandpaper kind of a material known as a grip tape which ensures that the skater doesn’t fall easily by providing grip. After that comes two metal trucks which enables the board to turn when in use. They can be loosened or tightened depending upon the movement. For a new skater tight trucks are better to maintain balance.   Attached to the truck is the bearing and the actual wheels. Even wheels are available in different sizes depending on the place and pace of skating.

One of the important aspect of skating is skateboard designing. The concept of designing one’s own skateboard is very much in trend since the inception of skateboarding. Skateboard designs are quite a popular idea among skaters. Those who play the sport as a hobby or those who chose the game as their career, the idea behind the customizing of the board is to make it a unique piece, a one of its kind. As the skater’s main association with the game is through the skate board and for that reason every skater wants to channelize his or her personality, likings, passion in their boards. One can very well make his or her personal skateboard with very few items like spray paints, primer, color, vinyl, and last but not the least creativity.

But before progressing any further into the world of skateboard graphic design, it is very important to know what is graphic art? A graphic art is a kind of visual communication and portrayal of  ideas and concepts into designs.  It is a kind of a mode of communication through which an artist connects with the world outside.

As there is a huge demand among skaters to customize their own skateboard decks, there are people for whom skateboard designing is their passion and profession. Well, where there is demand there has to have adequate amount of supply to satisfy the ever growing demand. There are a number of individual present who chose skateboard graphic art as their mode of employment. Skateboards deck design is a very flourishing career option for those who have a creative bend of mind.Yes, it is very much true there are artists who rather than putting their creativity and artistry in canvas prefers to do it in a quite out of the box place, like on a skateboard. They are the people who materialize and give a distinct shape to the skaters’ vision  and persona. A skateboard graphic designer also puts his or her own ideas into the skateboard  decks. There are a huge variety of deck designs available in the market which plays with the idea of pop culture. There are skateboards available in the market sophisticated and refined enough to find its place in any art gallery or art museum. A lot of time, innovation are being poured into this kind of art to actualize and brings into life the abstract concept. Skateboard design along with creativity also requires a certain amount of other skills like computer skill, knowledge about products suitable for deck paint and so on.

Skateboarder companies also indulge in skateboard graphic art and hire graphic designers for this purpose. Through the designing of the skateboards these companies connect with the world of skaters all round the globe. Each design contains ideals and ethos of the artist, as well as the motto of that company, their ideologies, also delineates important skating history and reflects upon the contemporary skating world.  Active Ride Shop has a huge collection of ready made skateboards with eye grabbing graphics  and organized complete package with decks, grip tape, trucks, bearings, and wheels. One can choose from the wide variety of graphic skateboard depending on the need and preferences of the customers. Not only for grownups this shopping destination, but also cater to the needs of kids skating equipments and gears. Theynever the less guide a skating enthusiast in a proper and correct directions and guide them to buy the right products.