List of Suggested Domain Names and Prices for You

An important part of launching a website is choosing a domain name. Domain names usually consist of a maximum of three words, however, the shorter and the more direct it is, the better. Why? The answer is simple.

It simply is because of the fact that with the increase in usage of search engine optimization software, search engines look for domain names, among other data, that are most relevant to the keywords being searched. This means that if you have a domain name that is highly relevant to your field, the higher the chance is for your website to be placed near the top of search result lists.

Choosing a domain name is a fairly easy task on its own. On the other hand, when combined with the fact that your domain name has to be perfectly unique, the task starts to become harder. Luckily, the internet has found a way to take care of the job for you; domain name registrars.

These registrars are websites where you get to type in your domain name of choice which is then checked by the website for availability, combined with an extension of your choice, and finally, priced and purchased.

Here is a list of three domain registrars that will help you a lot:

Google Domains

This service powered by Google offers not only domain availability searches, but also, several other features. It builds up connections between the website, your G-mail account, and all the other Google services like Google Drive, for example. It ensures that your website is backed up by a large database.

As for domain name prices, the starting price rate is 12 U.S Dollars per name. The price, however, varies according to the extensions added. So, while a .com extension will cost you $12, a .academy extension will cost you $30.


A trusted domain services suggests domain names for you to use; this is how people would describe this website’s mode of action. It cuts down on the time you have to spend manually checking your domain name’s availability.

When it comes to prices, the general pricing policy is the same as Google Domains’; prices are set according to the extension used. The difference is that here, the prices are quite cheaper. For example, the registration cost for a .com extension is $8.31 which is about $4 cheaper than Google Domains.


It is a website with a similar mode of operation as the previous websites. It also offers extra security by protecting your domain name from being hijacked.

The price rates offered by HostGator are yearly rates. So, taking the .com extension as an example, it would cost $12.95 per year in order to register your domain name under a .com extension.

As you might have noticed, most domain name registering services is just allowing people to type whatever domain they choose into a search bar; the website then checks whether or not the domain name has been acquired. As for the prices, the same pricing strategy is applied across all websites; it is based on extensions. So, now that you know, feel free to take the first steps in starting your own website.