Learning How Video Conferencing Works

When running a huge firm with several satellite offices worldwide, it is a must for the company to invest in a reliable video conferencing system. It allows communications, internal and external, to run smoothly and productivity to be good among the employees. Using the system transcends further than just conducting weekly meetings with managers and staff from across the state. It permits closing major deals with potential partners, providing updates to stakeholders, and disseminating company-wide regulations.

A video conference system will also create further opportunities for existing and potential clients with outstanding customer experience. Their issues and concerns can easily be handled confidently by the customer management team. Should they need to reach their supervisors for sudden approvals, a quick video conference will shorten the process.

Different Uses of the System

Conduct Webinars

Nowadays, webinars are effective forms of imparting information and knowledge to clients. This form of communication needs high-performance visual and audio input. Conducting webinars must be free from other interferences, which are usually caused by a poor connection. This type of issue can be settled by installing a video conferencing system.

The presentation of webinars commonly involves audio-visual content, which can be a large file to download or, reformatting to view any file. When a video conference system is used, the equipment that comes with the system is highly capable of streaming such presentations without involving too many steps or file conversion.

Product Presentation

Product presentation is a vital component of the business, mainly when it is meant for international clients and business partners. While creating the presentation, long hours of brainstorming, consulting, and revising are part of the huge assignment. However, some staff members involved in this presentation may be in different offices or branches. Therefore, the video conference system will allow them to be present during the entire process of finalizing the presentation. Their input, ideas, suggestions, and other pertinent contributions will be taken into consideration. And when the presentation day comes, the top management, business partners, and clients can witness the launching, from their offices from different places across the world.


Every staff member will go through numerous training sessions from the day they start with the company until they quit. Training is imperative, so everyone is on the same page. Whether it is for the newly-hired staff or for upskilling the existing staff, company owners invest a huge amount of money on training and support. And a part of that major investment is in procuring a video conferencing system to make the sessions available to all offices.

Even in locations with different time zones, the communication system will allow the lectures to be conducted at the agreed time. There is no more rescheduling and training by batches since the training mode can accommodate as many participants as involved.


Gone are the days when the interviewer had to schedule job interviews someplace outside the office since the function room was unavailable, and all other spaces were occupied. The video conferencing system will allow them to do it right from their desks. Job applicants will not have stress travelling to the office and waiting at the reception area for long hours. They can stay at home or anywhere appropriate to do the interview. Some companies even perform the hiring process on the spot and through conference calls. If the selection process is pretty much straightforward, the applicant is lucky to be hired immediately.