How will a Reliable SERP Tracking Help?


Changes on Google SERP occur constantly. It signifies that if two people try the search engine, their same query may come up with different results. This is common in SEO, especially in keyword position tracking.

The question here is that how you and your client will be sure that your rank tracking is reliable and accurate.

SERP trackers, such as, will track unique positions for a lot of users. This is the reason the progress and organic traffic are so important than the rankings themselves. This is what is all about.

Here, let us see why Google SERP is different from rank trackers in general:

  • Results Personalized

Google will personalize your search depending on your history of search and behavior and then give you the results that mostly fit you. The information will have:

  • Search history: Depending on the searches you made previously on Google.
  • Websites visited: Your browser will give the history.
  • If you are signed in your Google account or not: When you are signed in your Google account, it will learn what type of websites you spend your time and how to interact with them.
  • Engagement: When you buy something from a website, share things on social media, post blogs, or play YouTube video, this information will be used by Google and will personalize SERP for you.
  • Location/IP address

Your present location brings about personalized search. No doubt about it. Have you currently disabled the option to make use of the area by your web browser? That’s good, but it will not solve the concern.

Google utilizes your IP address to identify your area. This is amazing because you aren’t thinking about New York pizza delivery while you’re starving in Dublin. Just get in search and type “pizza delivery near me” to see how it functions. On the other hand, it won’t make you satisfied if you intend to compare positions with the ones in rank trackers.

  • Tool used

Naturally, mobile SERP includes mobile-friendly websites as well as AMP sites if relevant. What’s more, smart devices usage brings local SEO to a new level of importance.

Your mobile positions will remain in contrast to desktop rankings. In, you can track both mobile and desktop computer settings.

  • Google data facilities synchronization

Google has lots of data centers across the globe to supply results swiftly. Information amongst them is commonly integrated with considerable delays.

  • Search setups

We all do different searches on Google websites, images, maps, videos, as well as a couple of others. Results will differ for the same search question based on the search kind.

  • Time

An essential aspect when it pertains to updates of web sites, SERP updates, and daily checks by ranking trackers.

It’s important to compare outcomes during an identical period. Although, you will not most likely obtain the very same rankings due to various other discussed aspects

  • Various other aspects

There are other aspects causing differences, such as:

  • Typos
  • Writing in US/UK English, or any kind of various other languages – Google immediately deals with search inquiries in all languages, yet it can occur you add search phrases with errors to a rank tracking device.
  • Advertisements (AdWords) transform the look of SERP. Don’t count them as real positions. They are located on the top or bottom of the SERP; however, they don’t have anything to do with real results.

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