Fill Your Website Up With Killer Content (Without Typing A Word)

You’ve definitely heard of outsourcing before. You may have even used it to help you run your business. But, did you know it could help your business run more smoothly?

Outsourcing your content needs to a ghostwriter is a fantastic way to get high-quality content in a snap. When you work with a ghostwriter, there are no worries about copyright or royalties either, just one up-front fee. Before you click away thinking that it must cost way too much, don’t!

Many ghostwriters, like this one, charge just $0.02/word. This means a 500-word article will cost you about $10. However, with that 500-word article, you can do all sorts of things–improve your site’s SEO, inform readers about your product or service, or just entertain people on your blog.

Words are very powerful, and when written correctly, an article can make a huge impact on your visitors. While you might be able to get one of your employees to do it as an extra part of their job description, you’ll get much better results when you work with someone who specializes in non-fiction writing.

A professional ghostwriter will take the time to learn about your brand and they’ll be capable of matching your business’ tone and style to ensure they can best reach your clients.

So, what should you do when considering hiring a ghostwriter?

  • Look at their portfolio and get a taste of their writing style. Their website in itself will act as an example of their fluency in the English language (a lot of ghostwriters aren’t native speakers) and be writing quality.

  • Ask about their background. Sure, anyone can lie, but asking about a writer’s background will help you further judge their fluency and style. You’ll also get the chance to see how fast they respond to your queries.

  • Tell them about your project and get a quote! Professionals will charge a flat rate per word, so it shouldn’t be difficult to estimate how much you’ll be expected to pay for your project.

Whether you are looking to have an article written or an informational book to pair with your product or service, a ghostwriter might be the right choice.