ezTalks: Best Online Meeting Software 2019

Would you like to upgrade your virtual meetings and conferences? It must be rather unpleasant to experience blurred images and interruptions during a meeting. The quality of the software you’re using for your video conferences and virtual meetings can affect the event’s rate of success. If the participants won’t be able to properly hear what you are saying or see the others well, you will lose their attention and they will lose their patience. Thus, such an event can turn into wasted time if your message does not reach its destination. How do you know which best meeting software you use in your case? Let us look at a few characteristics you need to consider.

  • Clear images and bright sound

Clear images and sounds are both keys for a successful virtual meeting. All participants should be able to clearly see you and what you have to say while hearing the others as well. The experience should be similar to what you would feel during a real meeting. This is why you should be careful when picking your meeting software. In terms of image and sound quality, it is recommended to check out ezTalks. This is a new and innovative solution meant to take your virtual meetings to a higher level. If all the other software disappointed you, it’s time to get your hands on a tool that will improve the communication and collaboration within your company.

  • The possibility to share files and screens

It is very important to be able to show things and share information with your meeting participants. After all, the main purpose of holding a meeting is to brief everyone regarding the latest news and make sure they are all up to date. They will also better understand what you are saying and presenting if they will also get the adequate files. So, yes, it would definitely be an advantage if you can also share information in various formats, besides just talking.

  • The ability to control all the aspects of the meeting

Because the meeting will be an event that interests the selected team members only, you will want to make sure that no one else has access to the virtual meeting room. So, you will have the power to set authorization limitations and “lock” the meeting room, allowing only the invited people to be part of it. EzTalks is great at this part, giving you full control when it comes to the moderation of a virtual meeting.

  • Live chat options

Virtual meetings give you the chance to host the event no matter where you are. Thus, whenever you feel the need to get in touch with your team members or partners, you can do so by opting for a virtual meeting. However, there are cases in which the background noise, either it is coming from you or other participants at the meeting, can be bothering. You may opt to turn the sound off, but you will have to communicate somehow. Thus, a chat option is more than necessary. It is very practical to have such a feature at your disposal, just in case something goes wrong.

  • The presence of an interactive whiteboard

As mentioned earlier, a virtual meeting should be no different than a regular meeting. When you use the right meeting software, you will not feel any downsides if you opt to hold a virtual meeting rather than a regular meeting. ezTalks video conferencing, for instance, even gives you the chance to use an interactive whiteboard. This will not just facilitate information sharing but will allow every participant to use it and get the most of what is happening at the meeting.

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