Escape Games Is the Answer to Feel Happy and Improving Your Mental Health

We totally get it. After a long day at work or those men or women who also take care of their kids, feel too tiring to play puzzles or games. This would be the last thing they would want to do when it comes to relaxing. But get this, not all mental health improving games will need to be boring. Yes, you got that right!

You can now relieve your tension and stress by getting into escape room games NYC. Notice not only how it relaxes your mood but also motivates you to the next level. You will soon enough notice your mental clarity and mental health starting to improve drastically. It’s because these games are fun, at the same time ensures that your mental state stays sharp and works the right way.

When you are let to play in an escape room, you are exploded with tons of opportunities. You get to flex your brain and try solving puzzles while enjoying at the same time. Now let us get to understand how such virtuality games helps in enhancing the longevity of your brain. Also, how it tends to be great for your mental health.

How can puzzles help you to hone your brain?

Word scrambles, searches, then card games, games like Sudoku and so many more are commonly played puzzle games. These are games which everyone enjoys playing. But unknowingly they are also working towards improving their brain cells.

  • In a crux, our brain comprises of two hemispheres or commonly known as lobes. These tend to be responsible for ways we communicate, do our work, feelings or emotions, how we function and so forth. The hemisphere is known to be the right brain which is basically useful to help us deal with the way we feel and how we come forth with our emotions. On the other hand, the left brain helps us walk forward with the analytical functions and how to do it in a more organized way.

  • When you play puzzles in escape room games, you start to use both the sides of the brain. You start to make your brain work vigorously as your sole aim is to get over with the puzzle at the earliest, and in the right way!

  • Especially for those who are elderly, this turns out being even more crucial for them. The chemical is known as dopamine which is the feel good or happy chemical hence gets released. This way those who play such games tend to feel more relaxed and happier too, for a longer period of time.