Effects and Techniques for Beginners in Photography

Photographers both beginner and enthusiasts should learn about some cool effects and techniques of photography which will enhance the beauty of their photographs. Here are some of such techniques and effects:

1. Panning –

Panning makes remarkable photographs. You need to use slow shutter while clicking a moving object. Panning is usually done on horizontally moving objects like a moving bus, a running cat. You can also create a panning effect on vertical things such as an eagle diving for its prey or a swimmer making a dive etc. The main object on the final picture is clear whilst the background is blurred (but has a sense of motion). You need to move your body and camera in the same speed as that of the moving object. Shutter speed used is generally 1/60th to 1/30th of a second. It may be difficult to achieve but with practice, you can master this art.

2. Color Splash Photography

This is one of the most trending effects that you will see. Photographers use this effect to create stunning images. It adds an intrigue in the image. This requires the use of a photo editing software to manipulate certain shades in a picture. The entire picture is black and white but a certain part or area in the picture is in color when you use this effect. The results are mind-blowing if your clicks are done with rare objects. For instance, a single autumn leaf in shades of red and orange lying on the ground in a background of several trees is one example of such photography. Another example which you may have seen is a black and white image of a girl with bright red lipstick. You can create special pictures of your own with this beautiful effect.

3. Bokeh 

This is another aesthetic effect in photography. The word Bokeh comes from a Japanese word with translates to blur. It is also referred to as Boke. The Bokeh effect focuses on a specific area of the image and blurs out the others. The blur effect separates the main subject of the image from the background. This effect shouldn’t be confused with Panning as there is a huge difference in the images taken by these two effects. Panning uses the camera but Bokeh is achieved by a lens. There are different lenses available in the market which is specially designed for the Bokeh effect. The background effect in the Bokeh effect is creamy and soft. There should mild circles of light without any hard edges in a Bokeh effect image.

4. Golden Hour

The time just after the sun rises or is setting is when you need to keep your camera ready if you wish to capture the Golden Hour effect. If captured at the right time, in a beautiful backdrop using the right technique Bokeh images look magical. The beauty in the picture comes is reflected when the rays of the sun are penetrating in the atmosphere and the sky is illuminated in shades of yellow. When the sun is near the horizon the light that reaches the earth is indirect and the intensity of the bright sunlight is very less. This is what the photographers look forward to capturing. The similar effect is achieved when the sun is setting. You have to be an early bird if you wish to capture the beauty of the sun and get the Golden Hour effect on your image.

Try your hands on these effects to create some beautiful images. Pick rare backgrounds – make use of Mother Nature’s gifts. Pictures taken in natural backgrounds look remarkable.