Drone Technology: Revolution in Security Industry

Drones are advanced aerial devices that don’t require piloting. Industry players called them remotely piloted systems. Governmental and military organizations use these devices in small or less accessible locations. Drones can work well in war zones or spy bigger planes. Several people use these devices for aerial photography. You can get uninterrupted images and live feed of surveillance cameras.

The use of drones has increased over the previous few years. The worth of drones in the current market is over $2 billion, and this number is expected to grow to $127 billion in 2020. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) predicts the growing numbers of registered drones from 80,000 to over 420,000 by 2021. Nowadays, anyone can buy drone models that are very affordable and efficient. The devices become a necessary feature of private security. These can work as a CCTV camera and complement current security guards. Here are some points to understand the role of drones in private security.

Enhanced Surveillance

The main advantage of drones is improved surveillance of private property. These can monitor the external property and provide better coverage than CCTV. If your building has multiple entrances, you can use a drone camera. With advanced drone technology, you can keep an eye on the construction site or large property. Drones can optimize the security of your property. See these points:

  • Drone cameras can take HD videos of a person entering the premises.
  • With drones, you can take photographs of suspicious and unauthorized individuals, their cars/bikes and license plates.
  • Automatically get real-time alerts to law enforcement or security companies if you notice anything suspicious.
  • Drones can use night vision lenses to ensure that your property is protected, even in the night.
  • Check all blinds spots that are inaccessible for CCTV on your property.

The drone technology is becoming more efficient, and the enhanced surveillance advantages will expand in the future.

Marks the Offenders

With the use of the drone camera, it is easy to mark criminals, such as criminals trying to do a robbery. Advanced drones can shoot a particular dye on criminals or their vehicle. This dye can’t be washed easily. The law enforcement personnel can recognize criminals with this dye. The firing of dye on a criminal is legal and non-lethal. The dyes can tag criminals to make it easy for law enforcement personnel to catch criminals.

Work with Security Guards

Drone cameras can work along with private security officers to help them in the performance of their duties. These drones can communicate with security systems via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.  Private guards can control drones and zoom in dark areas to see the locations. The drones can send instant alerts to private guards.

Moreover, the security guard can manually schedule patrolling for a drone. The technology works seamlessly with current security software. If you want to enhance the security of an area, you can include drones in your security system.