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Don’t Go For Templates: Why Using a Custom Web Design Is More Effective

Owning a business in this digital-centric era is quite tough. Believe me, the moment I start planning on my business is the same day that I study the ins and outs of online marketing. From setting up your social media account, to building your online image, up to searching for the best web design company in Singapore, you’re sure to be surprised that there’s still a lot that needs to be learned.

One of the toughest choices that I encounter is when I was planning to build my company’s website. Okay, I know that it doesn’t sound like something to priorities. But if you take a look at your competitor in Singapore, you’ll be astonished with their web design and profile. So, this made me realise that I have to put extra effort on working on my web design.

Upon doing some research, I’ve learned that there are two types of web design & development in Singapore that I can choose from custom and template. Customised web design is those that are created from scratch. Those are the ones that are carefully planned, and a little longer timetable is needed to complete it. Website templates, on the other hand, are ready-made web designs that are just waiting for your personal content and it will be up in a jiffy.

That’s where my confusion started. Would I choose speed or would I choose quality? Upon discussing with a web design company in Singapore, and letting them know of my goals and business aspirations, I have decided that going for a custom web design is the better choice and it is more effective.

For one, it will be designed based on my own preferences. Customised websites are solely based on my brand’s color, design, and theme. It can also be tailored based on the profile of my target market. From the font to the actual layout, a custom website can effectively represent my brand online.

In terms of development, Firstcom Solutions also explained to me that a custom web design has a cleaner code development. At first, I asked what well would it bring me and my company. That’s when they made me understand that Google and other search engines prefer organized codes, so it matters a lot to my SERPs presence. Custom web design allows stronger control on how the final code structure will look like.

Another aspect of custom web design that is really vital for business is the customization. Unlike in web templates, you can change, update, and further develop your website if you created it from scratch. You can plan further design and features which can be beneficial for your brand’s publicity and a return of investments. Also, custom web design is not limited. You can expand the functionalities as innovative as you want.

The most important part, for me, of choosing a custom design is the ability to have a support group, a web design company in Singapore, which you can turn to when issues starting to arise. It’s like having a personal support team. Unlike buying pre-made templates, you don’t need to maintain it on your own (or in my case, I don’t need to force myself to learn everything about web management).

Well, there may be times where a template website can be a better solution. But if you are investing in the future of your business, it is best to choose a custom web design. Don’t take someone else’s online identity; create your own with the help of a trusted web design company in Singapore.