Graphic Design

Designing your logo in simple steps

Designing a logo can be a complicated task. Many aspects should be taken into account for this job. When you hire a logo designer, you have to ask yourself a lot of questions. These questions should reflect what you want for your logo, what’s your logo purpose and many others.

Having a clear idea of which questions you should answer to yourself is a great starting point when thinking about a design for your logo. We will help you to be the best client a designer can have. Just follow these important suggestions, and you will be fine!

You should have something in mind.

A logo’s design is something complex. It involves a lot of o feelings and ideas. These ideas should be related to the aesthetics, the mission or the motto of your company in some way. That’s what makes the design of a logo a significant decision; the idea you have about your company will be reflected in its logo.

Or at least it should be. You won’t like it when your logo is nothing like you imagined.

This is the reason you should have at least an idea on the logo you want to be made. It can be something small: a suggestion, a general idea… It can also be something larger and more detailed: a list of requirements, a color palette, a list of what not to do for the logo… You need something that guides the artist enough, so you are sure you will be satisfied with what he or she delivers afterward.

You should establish clear communication with the artist.

To accomplish the previous point made, you need to focus on the way you communicate with the artist.

You should think about your clients.

As in all the other aspects of your company, your clients are always the main goal. You need to consider their opinion when making decisions that affect the logo design of the company. Some big companies do some research on their clients or ask them directly when they want a new logo to be made.

You should expect something reasonable.

If you took point one, two and three into account, you should expect good designs from your artist. A good design is something that suits the ideas you had in mind, and that resonated with your clients. You will notice when a design lacks these characteristics. If your design looks “bad” for some people other than your clients and suits your company well, you should be satisfied with it.

You should not underestimate the artist.

Any artist can bring good ideas to the table. One can hope that an artist can deliver

“what you had in mind” if the artist is open to accept suggestions and performed as required. The key to success here is to consider that the artist can also bring good ideas to your logo.

If the style an artist has does not reflect your view on the subject, you may want to check similar works this person did before. If you think this person would not align with your projects, you should then seek out another artist.

You should pay the artist accordingly.

Due to respect and general decency, paying according to what was established between you and an artist is the expected thing to do. You should discuss payments and fees before you have your logo done. It is not fair to not deliver as promised, and it would give you a bad reputation among the artistic community. They will think that you don’t respect the artist and it will be difficult to find another one to do this kind of work for you again.

You should not design it yourself if you don’t have any experience.

Designing a logo can look easy with all the technology that is available nowadays for amateur designers and artists. However, making all of this effort yourself can be a long shot before having a satisfying design on your hands.

Leave this task to the professionals. This way you’ll find out what’s the value behind hiring a professional to design for you.