Choosing the Right SEO Partner for your Business

If the thought of getting your business’s website on the front page of the Google search results seems like a highly complicated affair, you should know that you have options. Search Engine Optimization is indeed complicated and time-consuming.

But that’s where SEO agencies come in. But even finding the right SEO agency to work with can be very daunting. The current market is saturated with SEO agencies who all claim they can get your website on the front page. Each agency will use its own method to achieve results. Considering how important successful SEO can be to your brand’s visibility, we’ve put together the top considerations when researching a potential SEO partner;

1. Experience

You should first begin by determining if the company you are considering has successfully aided businesses like yours in SEO. Not only will these former clients give you feedback on what working with the SEO agency is like, but the level of SEO success they have achieved will speak to the agency’s ability to deliver on their promises.

2. Are they Outsourcing?

SEO agencies do some of the work in-house and outsource some tasks. You need to determine how much of the work will be outsourced. The general rule of thumb is, the more they outsource the less control they will have and the less accountable they will be for your results.

3. Ease of Communication

Regular communication is vital for the success of any SEO marketing campaign. Your chosen agency needs to communicate with you regularly so you can be aware of what is happening with the campaign. It is also important to determine, early on in the campaign what input the agency will need from you. This way you know what is expected of you and therefore be ready to help.

4. Timeframe

Although most agencies are unlikely to give you guarantees within set timescales (the Google algorithm can change at any time), you should agree on goals and targets to ensure that you are both focused on the same outcome. You must be wary of any agency that promises to have you on Google’s front page in a week.

5. How Keywords are Chosen

It is very easy to get to the top of search engine ranking using long-tailed keywords. But if no one is searching for these keywords, you may not get business. Good keyword research is essential to the success of any SEO campaign and you need to know how the agency does keyword research.

6. Marketing Experience

SEO is a great marketing tool, but it should not be the only weapon in your arsenal. While you are interviewing the agency for their SEO expertise, you may want to find out what other marketing services they offer. It is far better to choose an agency that can see the bigger picture and understands that not all your customers can be found on Google.