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Effective Tips to Follow When You Need To Pick a Reliable Web Hosting Provider

Undeniably in the market today, there is a flotilla of web hosting providers. It gets even tougher to decide and decipher the one that’s good and a reliable one from the masses present out there. Again, when it comes to web hosting too, along with the providers there are so many types available, you need to ensure that you go through the list of The Best Web Hosting Services for 2021 to make your selection easy and quick.

If you are here on the lookout for reliable and affordable web hosting services then there are some points that you must consider, before taking the big step. You need to ensure that you pick a provider, who will provide the best level of service to your business. You want your online business to boost and gain more customers too.

Let us go through some essential factors that will help you to choose an experienced and reliable website hosting provider.

  • Carefully go through reviews:

Before you choose the company, it is essential for you to not just get impressed with what meets your eye, but also you must get aware of the reviews that previous users have posted regarding the company. The more reviews you read through, the more you will understand the way the company operates and whether it is a trusted one or not. Make sure that you read through as many reviews and testimonials as you can for a fair judgment.

  • How reliable is it?

Make sure to choose a company that will guarantee you an uptime of 99.5{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1}. this is a prime and very crucial factor you need to pay attention towards. With downtime, your business, income as well as sales will get hugely affected.

  • How fast is the connection?

If your website’s loading capacity is low, be sure to drive off customers in no time. This will also portray a very negative image of your company, which is the last thing you’d want to reflect on probable customers and clients. A good web hosting provider will always make sure to provide fast connectivity services so that your website can load in no time. This way you would garner a positive user experience too. You will notice that you have customers who keep returning to your site, which will be a big boost for your online business. Website and images must load as quickly as possible.

  • Control panel

The control panel that you receive from your host provider must be uncomplicated and user-friendly. This way managing your website would be easy for you. Also, check that you can manage your website from any location.

  • How pocket-friendly is it?

The service must be cost-effective and not over the top expensive. Do ensure that you inquire about any hidden costs if at all they exist such as for renewals, bandwidth, and upgrades. Take your time and go through the list of Top 10 Cheap Web hosting providers. Make sure to check the packages and services they provide. Find out where you gain more and save more at the same time.

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The Advantages of a Managed Service Provider for Your IT Needs

It takes courage to start your business. Aside from the initial capital, it would be best to look for people you can trust and grow the company with. You also have to ensure that your equipment works efficiently to avoid production delays. And your data should be strictly confidential and only for office use. Getting a managed service provider, such as First Focus IT and others, will help you focus on specific areas of your business without a care in the world.

Whether big, medium or small, all companies use technology to manage and maximize work efficiently. A trustworthy managed service provider holds the key to the success of a business. They can do several functions for the benefit of your company – data backup, network security and administration, communications, and IT (or information technology) support. They can manage a host of other things as well.

You become proactive by taking a preventive approach.

Every business owner’s dream is to have smooth-sailing operations. But that is not always the case, especially if something disrupts your network. If something breaks or there is a problem with the server, someone calls up the IT department to fix it before it becomes a Pandora’s box. It could be called luck if they can find a solution right away. But would it not be best if you could predict and prevent it ahead of time?

Everything that breaks comes at a cost. Unexpected damage in the form of a security breach or a loss of data can lead to using a big chunk of the company budget. First Focus IT and other managed service providers monitor all your systems, and small issues can be repaired before they become a mammoth of a problem. A preventive approach is the best way to avoid both financial and reputation damages.

Better data compliance

Your company uses and keeps a lot of data and files. But there are a lot of security standards and regulations that your business needs to follow. You and your team need to guarantee that your records are safe and secure. If you violate these laws, the consequences may be severe. You could pay a weighty fine, suffer from damage to your company reputation, or both.

It is, therefore, best to leave compliance and auditing to the experts. A managed service provider may handle the conduction of audits and making the reports. So you can be sure that your company follows the rules and statutes of your government. Plus, it will also save you time, which you can use to concentrate on innovating your business for possible future expansion.

24/7 support

Problems occur at any time. So someone needs to constantly monitor your systems – all three hundred and sixty-five days. It is better to have real-time alerts so that it could instantly be fixed before it can negatively impact your business. Some issues may need immediate repairs, especially if it directly affects your line of work.

Managed IT services offer a technology called remote monitoring. Even if they are not in the office physically, they have ways to fix whatever needs it. They have emergency protocols in place to take corrective action as soon as they get a code-red alert.

Investing in updated technologies is not a luxury, but a necessity for any business. Partnering with a managed service provider provides you peace of mind like no other.

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Smartest Solutions for the Server Choices As Per the Needs

The selection of web hosting providers on the market is large. If you are looking for a suitable server provider, you should first get an overview of the offer of the individual service providers and then select the provider that best suits your own personal requirements based on various criteria. We have summarized the essential points that should be considered when making the selection:

Server variant

The most important point when deciding on a particular provider is the server variant. Depending on the planned online project, a different server variant is required. While a simple webspace package is sufficient for blogs and private websites, a separate virtual server or even a wholly dedicated root server is often required for more extensive projects. Some have also specialized in the provision of products such as game servers or voice servers. If you want to find the right server provider, you should think about which technical solution is needed in advance. From the Webpage Scientist, you will get the best consultant there.

Quality and support

Other important criteria are the quality of the hardware and network infrastructure as well as the support of the server provider. To ensure problem-free operation of the server without failures, attention should be paid to branded hardware and a properly configured and monitored network infrastructure on the part of the provider continuously. At many companies, you can find relevant information on the website, which you should read carefully. The support offer should also be noted. In the event of a problem, the web hosting provider should be easy and quick to reach. In the best case, not only a ticket system is available, but a 24-hour telephone hotline.


Of course, the price also plays a role when choosing the right service provider. A comparison of several offers can help to find the provider with the best possible price-performance ratio. However, you should not let advertising promises blind yourself, but do your own research. Often you have to accept cuts in quality and support at a lower price.

The choice of the hosting provider is undoubtedly one of the most important as it will affect many factors that will determine the success of your portal. But what should be considered when choosing the best hosting provider? Below you will find a series of tips that can be useful to evaluate the service that best suits your needs.

Free or paid hosting?

The first thing you need to consider in choosing the best hosting is the use you will make of your site. In this way, you can better orient yourself on the choice of a paid or free hosting. If you are starting out and want to start a blog just for a pastime or because you want to begin to understand the enormous potential of this “world”, unquestionably free hosting is the best choice for you. In this case, in fact, you will not need a lot of space or a top-level domain. Obviously a free hosting service it will also have constraints, one of which is the presence of the name of the supplier within the domain and the obligation to insert an advertising banner of the provider. With a paid hosting service, however, you can customize the domain of your site, you will not have to host any mandatory banner and freely choose how much space to reserve for your portal.


A question you must ask yourself before choosing a hosting is: how much do I want to spend and invest in my site? It will be the answer to guide you in your choice, as hosting providers offer solutions for all budgets, and therefore it all depends on your budget. Hosting is usually paid annually, and the price varies substantially based on the available disk space, monthly user traffic calculated in megabytes, and other personalized services such as dedicated email accounts. To start, you can buy a basic hosting plan for a few euros a year and at any time ask for an upgrade or a move to a higher system when you realize that your site is growing.

Shared or dedicated hosting?

Indeed you will also have to decide whether to entrust your site to shared or dedicated hosting, what does it mean? In a nutshell with shared hosting the space is divided between multiple users; for this reason, in some cases, slowdowns can occur especially when the number of monthly unique visitors exceeds the limit. With dedicated hosting, however, you have a server reserved only for you, and you will not have problems of this type as the monthly traffic supported is unlimited. Of course, this option has a higher price and is especially recommended for sites that generate more than 100 thousand unique visitors per month. There is also a middle ground, or semi-dedicated hosting, especially suitable for medium-sized portals that cause approximately 40 thousand to 100 thousand unique monthly accesses.


One aspect that you must never underestimate is the assistance and support service made available to the customer. Serious hosting offers an active service 24 hours a day and is always ready to answer any doubt, request, or question from the customer. Please note that if you choose a foreign hosting, the assistance service will not be in Italian. For this reason, if you are not very familiar with the English language, it is better to choose an Italian supplier such as that offers you technical support in Italian, active every day, 24 hours a day. Before making a choice, test firsthand assistance to evaluate not only the skills of the technicians but also the speed of response times as, in the event of a mistake, even a few minutes of delay could adversely affect the performance of your site and make you lose valuable visits.

Ability to transfer the domain

When you read the proposals of the different hosting providers, also be informed on how to transfer the domain, or on the possibility of migrating your site to another server. Remember that it is your right to be able to change hosting at any time and therefore read all the contractual clauses. Also, make sure that this procedure is simple enough and that there is a support service available to support you at every step of the step.

Backup service

Regardless of what your business is on the web, the data you upload to your site is probably the most precious thing you own, and therefore you must safeguard it at all costs. Precisely for this reason, when you choose to host, be informed if the service also includes the backup function that allows you to save in a few simple steps everything you have uploaded to your “virtual space”. Some providers offer the automatic daily backup function included in the price, for others instead you will have to request it at the time of purchase. With this little trick, you can work more quietly, knowing that the backup and restore function is always active, and therefore, your data will never be lost in case of failure.


The Internet is a mine of information, and for this reason, you can also use it to find the most suitable hosting for you. The advice is to spend some time searching the opinions of users on one or more hosting services online, before making any choice. It is not difficult to read the experiences positive and negative of those who have registered a site in the forums. Obviously, don’t stop at the first comment but interact with other users to gather as much information as possible. Remember that a negative review does not mean that the hosting service is terrible, so before drawing this conclusion, personally contact the supplier asking for clarification.

To conclude, we can say that the search for good hosting is undoubtedly not easy, but considering these factors, it is possible to clarify the ideas a little. Remember that in any case, you can still change the provider if you notice that it no longer reflects your needs.

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5 Tips to Finding the Best Web Hosting for Your Company In New Zealand

We know all about what does and doesn’t work for finding a web hosting New Zealand, as a digital agency that has had to use multiple providers. The better the quality of the hosting company you choose, the likelier website’s overall success with visitors.

One of the things that many website owners don’t realize is how much of an impact seemingly small things have on the success of a site. When you know what matters the most in choosing a web host, you’re on your way to better outcomes for your website.

We’ve summarized what you most need to look for when looking for a web host. These points are all of vital importance, and we have summarized why they matter.

What to Look for in a New Zealand Web Host

1. Look for Flexibility in Plans

Different web hosting plans abound today, and one thing that we’ve found is consistent is that a competent provider needs to be flexible. Inflexibility will cost your site in more ways than one, so this is something you must avoid.

Most sites will grow over time, even if that growth is modest. How big do you reasonably expect your business to become? Since your site could grow beyond expectations, thinking big is always a good way to go about things.

Think about how easy it will be to get additional bandwidth or storage space as your business grows. Will it be easy or complicated to upgrade? After all, one viral video or social media post could double your traffic virtually overnight.

If you offer products and services sold online, think about what your host provides for SEO services and SSL certificates required for better security. Adding these services might need an upgrade to a more expensive plan, so be prepared.

You’ll also need to think about whether the systems that you use comply with regulations about data privacy. Using non-compliant systems reduces the risk of customers doing business with you, as well as opens the door to legal issues.

Think about how easy these changes are to make and whether the web host can complete them for you. After you’ve found out about how possible these changes are, think about whether the price is still within the range you want to pay for your services.

2. Check Out the Technical Specifications

Technical specs matter, especially if you intend to use loads of videos, a blog-based site, or an online store. Video and media-rich sites take up a lot of space and bandwidth, and optimization for mobile users also matters in these circumstances.

The amount of space that you get with your plan, as well as the network speed, will make a significant difference in the overall performance. You don’t want visitors frustrated with how long it takes to access anything and possibly going elsewhere.

Your site should have ample support for multiple platforms that manage different types of content. For example, blogging platforms like WordPress can help provide a user-friendly foundation for a full website with a lot of in-demand features.

Website owners who sell products online will also need to consider what a web host has to offer. You need a site that is user-friendly but also provides the necessary security for customer transactions. You want your customers to trust you.

The amount of bandwidth available is essential, as this impacts how easily customers access your website. How many processors a server has and the amount of RAM will also have a significant impact on performance. Storage space is also of substantial importance.

We recommend inquiring about all of these specifications beforehand to avoid any problems. It’s always better to be able to correct a problem before your site’s ready to launch, and you lack the amount of space that’s necessary.

3. Consider What Type of Support is Available

Support is of vital importance during the selection process, but somehow people often overlook how crucial it is anyway. One of the things that we’ve found from experience is that you can never be too careful when it comes to researching support quality.

You need to have confidence in your host’s ability to handle concerns. After all, the time to find out how well the support functions shouldn’t be during the midst of a crisis. Satisfactory answers to questions can help you judge their abilities.

Think about what could happen if your website is down for any amount of time. If you’re like most business owners, you probably can’t afford a prolonged outage. Where operating multiple backup sites isn’t practical, good support matters.

When you have an urgent need, it’s crucial to be able to speak with a real web hosting New Zealand technician. We know from experience how frustrating it can be to be unable to get the help you need. That’s why support is so vital for your site.

4. Check Out the Pricing

The price of your web hosting is essential, but in many cases, it is far from the most critical factor. In fact, we’ve seen people make very bad decisions based only upon the price of their preferred web hosting provider.

If your site is intended to earn an income, such as an e-commerce or affiliate link site, other factors might have to very well come ahead of the price. For example, you might need to think about features like SSL certificates or e-commerce integration.

There is usually a little bit of extra work required for providers who offer e-commerce features, which somewhat justifies the higher costs. Understanding how the providers explain these additional costs will help you understand their importance.

Better quality could come with a price, but it should be a price that you’ll decide is worth it. After all, the costs of a site that doesn’t meet your needs can be high. A site ill-suited to your needs could require more technical work at a high cost.

5. Find Out Where the Data Centres Are

The location of data centres makes a substantial difference in how easily customers access your website. Even if you use a New Zealand web hosting company, your site likely has visitors from every corner of the world.

Having site visitors from all over the world makes the location of your data centres all the more critical.

Customers in the Australasia region will have different traffic needs than those living in Western countries. For example, Singapore is an excellent location for one of the data centres if you have a New Zealand or Australia customer base for the most part. Having the traffic flow directed to a data centre closer to visitor locations reduces load times.

Sites that attract visitors that include many Western nations would do well to have a web host that uses the United States or UK-based data centre. Consider where most of your visitors are when deciding where your host should have data centres.

It’s easy to think of data centre locations as being somewhat like airport locations. When traveling to certain areas, flights to some airports provide more direct routes than others. Internet traffic operates in much the same way.

To Wrap Everything Up

Knowing the best tips for finding a New Zealand web host will help ensure a better experience overall. Understanding how flexible everything needs to be, as well as the technical specifications available, will make a difference.

Technical support, pricing, and data centre locations all play a crucial role as well. The more you’re aware of these factors, the better a decision that you can make.

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What Features to look for in a Web Hosting Company?

Cost is one of the most important key factors for small business website owners, but there are other features one would want to weigh when choosing a hosting provider.

Before searching for a hosting company, one must be sure what they are looking to host their website, it would be a waste of money if one is paying for features, they don’t need. So, one must be 100{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} sure on what they are looking for or end up paying a lot, please note not every web hosting company is right for every business.

It is always better to start from a simple shared hosting account if not sure where to start, if it is a simple static website or simple WordPress then this would be more than sufficient for one’s needs. General for small- and medium-sized businesses with blogs or basic websites. It provides many of the necessary website functions needed at a low cost but be sure of the basic features are provided like industry-standard control panel like WHM cPanel, how backups are taken, and the last one how fast the is the hosting account. Check if one can get a demo or has a money-back just in case it turns out to be very slow and many websites are hosted on the server.

High-Performance Hosting

Stability and security of the server is a very important factor that will affect one’s business if not maintained properly. All reliable web hosting companies offer very high performance with best quality Hardware, like Touchstone Hosting offering very standard and quality performance with a money-back guarantee or demo hosting account to know how good their hosting service is and would recommend trying them once.

Why Hosting control panel is important

A hosting control panel is a tool that allows one to manage all aspects of a hosting service. It allows one to perform many processes in just a few clicks from the interface saving a lot of valuable time, the best control panel today is WHM cPanel: For over 20 years it remained the leading hosting automation platform. The cPanel interface allows one to do a multitude of things to manage their sites, intranets, and keep their online properties running smoothly.

Website Backups

One must make sure the hosting provider keeps backup of the website every day making sure just in case anything goes wrong then it would be easy to restore the website back without much downtime. Daily backups mean that if the website is hacked or compromised due to an error. It can be the difference between an hour-long outage and one that lasts many days to recreate the content of the website.

Cost, control panel, backup, and good performance are all important features to consider when looking for a hosting company. Many others offer can include free domain options, along with perks like advertising credits, a website builder, and upgraded hardware, one must not fall prey to these little things if the basics are ignored or changed as extra. Therefore, what one must know what they are looking to host their website or end up paying a lot for features they don’t need, and the website does not work properly.

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What You Need to Have for a Good Internet Marketing Strategy

Prior to doing anything online, it is vital to change the account for your hosting to a company or management team that can provide you a faster and more secure hosting plan. They will help your website to look great but also to rank well with Google search engine. This is the beginning of your internet marketing plan to help you attract visitors whom you can turn into new customers. These three are the beginning of your marketing plan:

  • Well-designed website
  • SEO or search engine optimization
  • Faster and secure web host

With that in place, you can put more items in place such as:

  • Online listings
  • Reputation management
  • Texting strategies
  • Social media management

Scottsdale AZ

If you live in Scottsdale AZ, area, website design in Scottsdale AZ  is fairly easy to find with several companies that have a good web design and hosting. These companies can give you more information on all that goes into an internet marketing strategy and can help you with all the items that need to be added.

Web hosting

Of course, to get everything to work together, you need to find a reliable web hosting company. This is a key step in making your website deliverable to your customers effectively. A web host that is faster and secure will give your customers the ability to access all parts of your website any time both day and night.


Most good hosting and design companies will also be able to provide you with SEO or search engine optimization. Without a website that is properly optimized, your competitors might get a better web search ranking than you do – that is just how important this part of a market strategy is. Google has specific rules that you must follow for them to give your website a high ranking.

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Choosing the Best Web Hosting Services Matters

Whether you’re setting up a personal site or a commercial one, you must pick your Web hosting provider sensibly. To do that, it is vital to take a little time to review particular standard however really essential aspects that will ensure more presence for your site.

Think about when selecting a web hosting

There are numerous web hosting suppliers and packages available today. Every one of them has its own unique benefits and weak points. How would one choose which one to select?

Even after you zone in on a specific provider, you still need to select the hosting package that will suit you. Every web hosting site provides various kinds of packages to select from.

The following points need to make your job of selecting a web hosting easier for you.

1. Customer Support

A really essential function of an excellent web hosting is Customer Support. They must supply customers with 24/7 phone and web support. They need to have an excellent collection of tutorials and frequently asked questions easily on their site in case you may require aid. Make no error; you will call your hosting support more frequently than you believe, particularly if you are serious about your site.

2. Prices & consisted of functions

The series of prices and functions consisted of in web hosting packages are quite broad. You will want a fair balance of functions and quality that will suit your needs. Just like any other item, inexpensive generally get less quality. On the other hand, some rates can be outrageous with no special worth.

The costs of hosting packages are normally based on the set of functions consisted of. One can be quickly puzzled with these various choices more so if you are not acquainted with them.

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A virtual private network or VPN is increasingly growing its consumer database as more and more people are getting aware of its advantages. It adds another layer of security and privacy for internet users.

It is hence important to find the best free VPN for torrenting which makes sure that your data is safe with a particular network. It ensures that you are free to access all the possible advantages that a VPN can provide. The following are the top three reasons which you must take into consideration when it comes to using a VPN online.


The security and privacy concern on the World Wide Web is real. It is found that many web browsers can utilize your information as you surf through them. It is hence necessary to use a VPN that provides you a separate and secure pathway that will ensure that your data record is deleted from the system at regular intervals. This will ensure that whatever you are accessing is truly a safe search and cannot cause you any information leak of any kind.


Each VPN has its servers located in a lot of countries. You must avail of the service that has its servers over a large number of countries as it makes it a better network. It will hence be able to give you information from a lot more sources making your experience with VPN so much better. With the privacy assurance and an added benefit of a lot of servers, it will also make it hard to track down your information.


The most important factor in this entire process of using a VPN is related to the speed of the program. To meet the pace of our thoughts and the world, your search must have resulted in a matter of a few milliseconds. Even something beyond that can be irksome. If you opt for a VPN service, make sure that the service has a fast speed and has a good connection. This will make your searches so much faster and will make your VPN service the best free VPN for torrenting.

Free VPNs are difficult to find, especially with all the benefits. But many services provide it and also meet consumer demand hence living up to the expectation of the customer.

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What you need to know before you buy a dedicated server

Keeping a business up and running in a digital age is a huge challenge without an active website or online market place. These are made possible by owning a domain and hosting plan. A hosting plan is one that lets you host your domain on a small shared server space on the internet. This is a more economical option for small businesses or running something low-key like a blog. The disadvantage is that your network is not depended on a third party server you depend on the maintenance from them. The chances of a server crash can be triggered by the mismanagement from the various factors that might not be in your hands.

You once your business has reached new heights and you are seeing un-controllable traffic, it’s wise to move to a dedicated server. It’s so simple and advance you can even make a purchase of a Bitcoin dedicated server. Since digital is the way forward, you need to make sure your business is not affected and have a dedicated server space that can help you achieve that.

Here are a few things to consider before you invest in one.

1. Is your business outgrown hosting?

When you see too much traffic, such as in e-com company or an online business solution company, you will have visitors to your website every minute. This means you need to keep the servers up and running at all times. You will then need to invest in a dedicated server to maintain more control over the traffic and host the bandwidth.

2. Is downtime affecting users?

If you are faced with constant downtime and fail to find control over it, you can move to a dedicated server. You have the freedom to set up your own cloud computing and analytic software in place to make sure they are reliable. Also, a dedicated server has 99{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} less down-time compared to hosting servers by default.

3. Do you have a lot of monetary transactions?

If you depended on lots of money based transactions, a dedicated server is a more safe platform. A safe network is reassuring to users and might also help pump business. For transactions of credit cards, net banking, payment apps, and bitcoin dedicated servers are the best option.

4. Do you have a tech team to self-service?

You can stop depending on your hosting network and call centers to fix bugs. When you have a dedicated server you will need to have a team to manage, design c-panel and also fix bugs and run maintained around the clock. Which is why it’s a better option for business with large teams.

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Why Fast Web Hosting Impacts Your Bottom Line

If you’ve been in business over the last 10 years, chances are you’ve heard that a website is an important part of your marketing strategy. 76{b96076133fe2223c8d05470fe9428b3312879515b4c32f98bade61cbd4879fe1} of adults utilize online shopping. It’s only natural that any business owner looking to succeed in the digital or material world will make sure their business is online. What you may not have heard of is the importance of website speed.

The reality is that customers are more impatient with website load times than ever. The speed of your website may be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. Here’s why:

No one cares about features when they get in the way

Chatbots, Instagram feeds, and ‘try-on’ features. They’re all great features to have on a website… but not if it drags your website down. There isn’t a customer in the world who is going to be thankful for a chatbot that pops up over every product page they’re trying to look at.

Far too often companies get obsessed with all the things they can add to their website. They feel if they offer more features, they’re customers will spend more. But if you’re not using a solution like WP Farm, you’ll quickly find that your hosting provider can’t maintain your usage. The more you ask your website to do, the more you need superior hosting and clean code. If you’re unable to provide both to your customers, consider removing features.

No one will wait for your website to load

How often have you decided to wait a full 10 seconds for a website to load? Chances are, you don’t wait that long. More often than not, you decided to go back to your Google search and click a new result. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your customers will feel any different. Instead, see what you can do to roll back website load speed. Ask your development team questions like:

  • Are there any Javascript loads we can defer?
  • What exactly is slowing the website down? Is it our code or our server?
  • Are we sizing images properly?

Through this, you’ll be able to pinpoint what exactly is slowing your website down. More often than not, it’s a hosting provider with a server that cannot support the data usage of your website. If you do not have a development team, consider using a tool like GTMetrix and hiring an accredited developer to help you address the issues listed in the report.

In Conclusion: Fast websites boost conversions

It’s no secret that a fast website is what your customers and web visitors alike want and need. But did you know that your website’s speed can dramatically impact the purchase decision of your customer?

If your potential customers are waiting for a page to load… well, they won’t. They will leave your website and go to your competitor to complete their purchase. The average user stays waits 3 seconds for a website to load before they try again on a different web page. If your website is taking an ungodly amount of time to load- your conversion rate and overall sales are going to suffer.