Can AJournal – Journal & Planner Make A Difference In Your Life Or Not?

Are you planning to organize your thoughts and keep a tab of your objectives? Well, you are on the right page as a journal has your back. 

You might be wondering how you can do digital planning, but in the tech-dominated world, everything is possible with the click of a button. For example, you can start journaling in no time if you have an iPad with an apple pencil. 

The virtual app supports at least 1000 stickers and texts. When you have your day organized or even the month or week, you cannot miss any deadline at work. The perfect work-life balance helps you lead a content life. The paging feature allows you to be organized in a better way. There are several reasons to choose the app, and some of the features that make it truly interesting are given here.

Features That Make The App Stand Out In The Crowd

  • Supports All Types Of Languages And Text

When you start planning with the app, you might face some language barriers, but you don’t need to stress about it with this app. When you maintain a Digital journal with the app, you can write and draw with the apple pencil and scribble, just like you are doing on your standard paper. The added benefit here is that you can resize, rotate, flip or even add images. You can make your planner pretty memorable with plenty of stickers available here.

  • Virtual Calendars

The AJournal provides digital calendars to mark all the events for your day or the week. You can also create and edit the calendar entries with the app directly. Lastly, you can scribble or write any special note that makes digital planning unique besides your circumstances.

  • Have An Organized Life

When you use AJournal and stay organized, you can effortlessly navigate through planners by weeks, dates, or months. Moreover, a search function for input text makes planning easier for you. Hence digital journal helps you stay organized without any doubt.

  • Complete Customization

There are several templates available with minimalistic designs. It includes everything from your monthly planners to your project planners, and it also includes unprofessional planners like habit trackers, meal trackers, fitness tracking, etc. When you choose the digital journal, you can have a personalized life as you can easily remove, add, configure elements, set colors, and headers as per your choice. Even if you don’t like the standard font, you can start digital planning with your writing, as the apple pen makes it simple.

  • Optional Integration With ATracker

Besides planning, you have an option to integrate with the ATracker, which has more than 2 million downloads. It is a time tracking tool that people trust globally, and it is combined with goal tracking to follow your progress while you maintain a digital journal.

Hence digital planning is straightforward with AJournal.